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Bit Index AI is a viral online trading robot launched in 2019. The robot automates CFDs trading on top cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and XRP.

Many experts have reviewed this bot and ranked it among the best CFD robots in the market. Users also rate it as insanely profitable and extremely easy to use.

We have put this crypto CFDs robot under the microscope to find out if it’s legit and as profitable as claimed. The findings discussed in this review are derived from intensive analysis of feedback from thousands of users.

We have also analyzed expert feedback and conducted a series of tests on the platform to determine if it’s authentic and safe. You should be fully informed after reading this review to the end.

Robot type Crypto Robot
Legitimacy Tested and proven
Minimum investment USD250
Reported profitability rate Up to 35% daily in high volatility
Deposit methods Debit/credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets
Trading fees and commissions 2% on profitable trades
Platforms safety AES256 encryption
Customer support 24/7
Hidden fees None


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All trading carries risk.

What is Bit Index AI?

Bit Index AI is a web-based platform powered by underlying AI algorithms to automate crypto CFDs trading.

The underlying algorithms conduct trading research and order placing at high speeds and accuracy. Trading with the system should therefore be extremely easy.

Bit Index AI uses a subset of AI known as Natural Language Processing (NLP) to trade news. This subset of AI enables it to read and derive trading signals from human language. Bit Index AI can identify authoritative news sources and only derive insights from them.

This robot also uses NLP algorithms to analyze historical price trends for insights. Expert reviewers allege that the robot generates tens of trades per minute through this technique. At least 80% of all the trading signals implemented by this platform reportedly generate profits.

Trading with Bit Index AI is easy. You only need to sign up from this page, fund the account through a select broker, and set the bot for trading. The bot provides a settings guide and a demo to help traders familiarize themselves with the system before going live.

Is Bit Index AI a scam?

We have investigated Bit Index AI to determine if it works. Our investigation confirms that the robot is genuine and could be as profitable as alleged.  

We have come to this conclusion after thoroughly analyzing both quantitative and qualitative data. The data includes testimonials from hundreds of users and tens of experts’ reviews. We have used a powerful sentiment analysis platform to study Reddit, Forex Peace Army, and Trustpilot reviews.

Nearly all users rate Bit Index AI highly on profitability. From the reviews, it’s evident that the majority make money with it. The reviewers also rank it top on ease of use. Most beginners claim to build a stable online passive online income through the bot.

This bot is expert-reviewed in quality online publications. The expert reviewers agree that it’s a revolutionary CFD trading robot. All the experts agree that no trading system can beat Bit Index AI in profitability. As explained earlier, this bot leverages the power of AI to deliver accurate trading signals.

We are also fully satisfied with the safety measures implemented by Bit Index AI. This bot ensures user safety by encrypting all data collected through its site. The data is encrypted through military-grade AES 256 encryption. Data encryption at the login page level is extremely important since this is where cyberattacks begin.

Bit Index AI also proves legitimacy by providing excellent customer support services. You can reach out to their team any time through the contact form on the footer of the site. They are also available on live chat and phone.

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All trading carries risk.

Advantages of trading Bit Index AI

Many reviews recommend Bit Index AI to anyone interested in making money online. Anyone can reportedly use the robot to build a stable online income.

We have read reviews on many passive online income blogs, which all praise the system for superior performance. This trading bot falls in the passive online income category, given that very little time is required to operate it.

You don’t have to forego your day job to trade with this robot. As little as 10 minutes is enough to set it for trading. Bit Index AI allows users to automate when trades should be closed. You can also automate withdrawals to occur when a given account balance is attained.

This robot provides tools to help you keep your emotions in check during trading. Any seasonal trader knows emotions are the biggest barrier to success in trading. Bit Index AI eliminates the emotions by helping users automate when a winning or a losing trade should close.

This robot is also the best bet if you have zero crypto trading skills. Trading with this bot starts at the click of a button. The setup is extremely easy since everything is labelled in layman’s language. You can reportedly set the trading robot instantly and start making money immediately.

Profitability is never guaranteed given how dynamic the crypto markets are. Bit Index provides powerful tools to minimize the risk. Some reviews allege that trading crypto through the robot is 50% less risky than the traditional methods.

We can’t ascertain if this is true since our team didn’t conduct any live tests on the platform. Bit Index AI should always be treated as risky given how dynamic the crypto markets are.

Disadvantages of trading with Bit Index AI

CFD trading, in general, is extremely risky. While many people earn fortunes through this form of trading, many people also lose money.

Bit Index AI was reportedly developed to ensure profitable and less risky crypto CFDs trading. However, our investigation finds it highly risky compared to the traditional crypto trading methods. This is because it trades on high leverage.

Leverage is a debit capital the underlying broker offers to help you place huge trades. Highly leveraged trading allows you to bet on big positions using little capital. A deposit of USD250 can trade positions worth millions of dollars when the trading leverage is 5000:1.

Experts describe leverage as a double-edged sword, given that it magnifies gains and losses in equal measure. There is a strong positive correlation between risk and reward, so the more you expect to make, the higher the likelihood of losses.

Another disadvantage of Bit Index AI is that it’s only available in 60 countries. However, the bot is rumoured to be planning to expand its reach to over 100 countries. You can only access this platform if you are in one of the supported countries.

You may try many times before securing a slot with this bot. This is because the registration slots are limited and offered on a lottery basis.

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All trading carries risk.

The Pros and Cons in a nutshell

Bit Index AI is a state-of-the-art trading robot. The robot comes with a lot of advantages compared to other investment methods.

Pros Cons
Superior performance Highly risky
Easy to use Not available in all countries
Seamless transactions Limited registration slots
Transparent trading  
Quality partnerships  
Affordable trading platform  
Safe trading environment  
Responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable customer support  


This robot is worth trying, but please do not ignore the risk disclaimer on its page. As stated earlier, all traders should treat the bot as risky. A prudent investor does not put all their money in one basket. You shouldn’t commit more than 10% of your savings to this bot.

Bit Index AI on Reddit and other social media sites

You can learn a lot about Bit Index AI by reading the comments on the Reddit threads. Many users have written testimonials about this bot on this social media platform.

Reddit is popular among traders and investors due to its superior community features. The features allow participants to build communities and share experiences. Most of the Reddit Bit Index AI-related communities are free to join.

Please note that not all information shared through the communities is genuine. We have identified some fake news in the Reddit threads. The fake news could include links to fake websites masquerading as the official Bit Index AI site.

You need to be careful since these fake sites can lead to cyberattacks. Scammers may use the clones to harvest data and use it against you. Ensure that you have counterchecked the registration link before signing up. Click the links shared in this review and bookmark the official site if you don’t intend to register immediately.

Find below the most rampant fake headlines on the Reddit threads. We will keep updating this post as we get more information about these fake headlines.

Bit Index AI Ryan Reynolds

One of the viral Reddit threads alleges that Ryan Reynolds is among the three investors behind the Bit Index AI trading platform.

This is a big fat lie! Bit Index AI is owned by a London-based trading software development company. The company is yet to disclose its owners. Ryan Reynolds is a Hollywood Canadian celebrity and co-owner of the Welsh Association Football club.

According to Bloomberg Markets, Ryan Reynolds is optimistic about the future of crypto. He has previously said that crypto is emerging as a huge player. It’s still unclear whether he is invested in bitcoin. However, he hasn’t participated in trading as alleged by some posts.

Bit Index AI Tesla

We have identified over 50 posts on the most popular Reddit threads alleging that Tesla is invested in Bit Index AI. The company has reportedly divested over $900 million from its bitcoin investment to invest in this crypto trading robot. Bit Index AI has reportedly announced that it will invest over $500 million in this robot in a span of 3 years.

Our team has taken the challenge to fact-check these claims. We can confirm with 100% certainty that these are fake news. Bit Index AI is rumoured to be planning a series ‘A’ funding. This means that the company is yet to take any investment from any investor.

We have also gone through information on Tesla’s investors’ page and didn’t find any confirmation. The company would have published this information on its website if it was true. It’s important that you always visit the official Bit Index AI website to confirm any claims you find on the web. Click here to redirect to the site.

Bit Index AI Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a billionaire investor and the world’s richest man. He is also an engineer and the brain behind Tesla, SpaceX, Numerai, and many other companies.

Musk is also one of the billionaires with huge interests in crypto. He is rumoured to be heavily invested in BTC and DOGE. In 2021, he disclosed a 1.5 billion dollars investment in bitcoin through Tesla. The company recently divested over $900 million of its bitcoin holdings.

The fake Reddit posts claim that Musk is divesting to invest in the Bit Index AI system. As mentioned above, these are fake rumours. We have identified malicious links in most of the Elon Musk Bit Index AI posts.

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Bit Index AI Review – Final Word!

Our robot review team concludes that Bit Index AI is a genuine crypto trading platform. Its legitimacy is evident in the transparency measures it has in place.

These measures include disclosing all crucial information on their website. We found all the important pricing information on the robot’s official website. The bot has also disclosed the risks involved in trading with it at the footer of its site.

Bit Index AI is supported by 13 global brokers. The bot accesses the crypto CFDs through these brokers. You will link to one of these brokers when you register with this trading system. The robot distances itself from liability for actions taken through the underlying broker. According to the disclaimer, the broker facilitating the trading is fully independent.

If the many testimonials from verified users are anything to go by, then this crypto robot is a top performer. The Bit Index AI reviews on sites such as Trustpilot indicate that it can deliver up to 45% in daily profitability. Profitability is reportedly high in volatile market conditions.

But you shouldn’t take profitability as guaranteed. The crypto markets are news-driven and, therefore, highly dynamic. While Bit Index AI has the tools to capture news as they happen, it’s not 100% accurate. No trading platform on earth is 100% accurate.

This means that there is a possibility of the bot could make a wrong move. Such a move could lead to losses. While many have made fortunes through the bot, some have lost money. Take the Bit Index AI risk appetite test to determine the risk per trade to assume. Also, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bit Index AI an Artificial Intelligence robot?

Many of the reviews we have read confirm that Bit Index AI is built on artificial intelligence technologies. Its algorithms use the NLP subset of AI to conduct research. Moreover, all its algorithms are powered by Machine Learning (ML) technology. ML is a subset of AI enabling machines to learn and improve decision-making as they interact with data.

How much does Bit Index AI cost?

You should use Bit Index AI if you are looking for an affordable way to trade crypto. Signing up with this robot is extremely free. The only charges applicable are reportedly the small commission on profitable trades. Trading fees in highly competitive spreads apply on the side of the underlying broker. These fees are reportedly insignificant compared to the potential profits.

Does Bit Index AI offer an app?

Yes! Bit Index AI allows you to trade through its highly intuitive web app on the go. The web app can be used on any mobile device. Many users report an amazing trading experience through the Bit Index AI app. You can only download the web app from the robot’s resources page or through a link provided in the welcome email.

Why does Bit Index AI require ID verification?

The underlying broker undertakes the ID verification process. Bit Index AI claims to operate under top global brokers. These financial brokers observe the global anti-money laundering regulations. Therefore, they require all traders depositing money with them to complete a KYC process. This process is quite straightforward.

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