Bitcoin Machine Review: Legit or Not?

Last Updated: 26. September 2019
Bitcoin Machine Review: Legit or Not?
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Bitcoin Machine is a viral fully auto bitcoin trading robot. The robot allegedly generates up to $1k in profits from a capital investment of as little as $250. But is Bitcoin Machine legit, and is it profitable?

We did an in-depth investigation of this robot and what we discovered will amaze you. Bitcoin Machine is not only legit but is insanely profitable. Perhaps the high profitability is the reason as to why most people are skeptical about this robot.

We suggest that you ignore the naysayers and try it yourself. This review will explain the features that make Bitcoin Machine a good bet for those looking to make a stable passive income online. Moreover, it will provide tips to help you to easily make up to $1k in profits per day with a small deposit of $250.

But first things first, it is essential to note that Bitcoin Machine is not risk-free! Consequently, only deposit an amount you can afford to lose. Learnbonds recommends that you begin with a deposit of $250 and upgrade your account by plowing back profits.

              Bitcoin Machine: Review

Bitcoin Machine is a trading robot that automatically bets on crypto prices volatility. This robot provides users a perfect opportunity to make a passive online income. You do not have to have a background in crypto to use Bitcoin Machine.

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What is Bitcoin Machine?

Bitcoin Machine is a tool that lets you make a passive online income speculating on bitcoin and other cryptos. The software conducts all the functions of a guru crypto trader with a win rate of 90%. Such a win rate ensures that traders can make money in at least 9 out of every ten trades. Bitcoin Machine relies on artificial intelligence and its subsets of NLP and ML to ensure such high profitability.

You do not need to be conversant with the tech or trading lingo to use Bitcoin Machine. All the trader needs to do to make money is to toggle the on and off button.

The setup process is also a breeze with Bitcoin Machine providing a guide to help users through the process. After the registration, you will receive a phone call from their agents, instructing you on additional features such as the risk management feature. Moreover, you will receive a free guide with tips on how to get the most out of Bitcoin Machine.

Bitcoin Machine is the tool for you if you are looking for a less engaging way to make money online. The bot is fully auto, meaning that you do not have to quit your day job or burn the midnight oil to trade. You need not more than 20 minutes per day to monitor your account and reinvest or withdraw your profits.

How does Bitcoin Machine work?

As mentioned in the introduction, most people are skeptical of Bitcoin Machine when they hear its possible level of profitability. I was also skeptical, but not until I uncovered the finer details of the technologies behind this robot and tested the robot myself.

Bitcoin Machine conducts both the fundamental and technical analysis with an accuracy level of above 90%. This is phenomenal, given that the world best trader is considered to have an accuracy level of not more than 50%.

The Bitcoin Machine robot is highly accurate for two reasons. Firstly, it can analyze enormous troves of data with 99% accuracy. Secondly, the speed at which it analyzes this data is unbelievable. For instance, the robot can read news within microseconds of their announcements and respond accordingly.

Bitcoin Machine relies on a technique known as Natural Language Processing to read human language and make meaning of it. Furthermore, the bot can differentiate between legit news sources from the fake ones. Robo-driven news trading is not new in trading and is known to generate millionaires in stock and forex trading.

Also worth noting, Bitcoin Machine also relies on quantitative data to make decisions. This type of data is derived from trading charts. Bitcoin Machine can detect patterns in tens of thousands of charts and make winning predictions. Read our review of Bitcoin Era for a robot that heavily relies on trend analysis.

Is Bitcoin Machine a scam?

Bitcoin Machine is not a scam! As mentioned above, we have tested this robot and confirmed that it is profitable. In the test, we deposited $250 and made a profit of $114 in eight hours of trading. Some traders report making up to $1k per day from a capital investment of less than $500.

We have also conducted a background check on their technologies and confirmed that they work. As explained above, Bitcoin Machine utilizes high-frequency trading technologies in AI and ML.

A closer look at the info on Bitcoin Machine site reveals that it is 100 percent accurate. This bot does not exaggerate its earning potential and nor does it provide fake testimonials. Scam robots have a habit of presenting fake testimonials. We determine fake testimonials by carrying out a reverse image search on the photos provided on their website.

In terms of customer service, Bitcoin Machine is among the best. Firstly, their customer service is available 24/7. Secondly, they respond almost instantly to all communication channels apart from email. An inquiry via email may take up to 48 hours.

Also, Bitcoin Machine allows users to withdraw their profits whenever they want. All you have to do is to request a withdrawal via a form provided on their dashboard. Your money will be deposited in your bank account in less than 24 hours. Bitcoin Machine does charge a small commission on all profits generated through it.

Key features of Bitcoin Machine

Bitcoin Machine is a premier trading bot for crypto speculation. Some of the features that make this bot worth a try include;

High profitability

With a win rate of 90 percent, Bitcoin Machine ranks among the most profitable trading robots. We rate this robot on the same level as Bitcoin Loophole, another fully auto crypto robot. Read our Bitcoin Loophole review to learn more.

As mentioned earlier, we have conducted a live test on aBitcoin Machine and confirmed that it is profitable. We deposited $250 and made $114 in eight hours of unmonitored trading. A review of users’ feedback shows that it is possible to make up to $200 per day from the same amount of deposit.

Seamless withdrawals

With Bitcoin Machine, you can access your money whenever you want. Fill the withdrawal request form and wait for up to 24 hours for your payment to process. There are no withdrawal limits with this robot.

Bitcoin Machine does not charge any deposit or withdrawal fees. However, you may incur a small fee on the side of the bank, facilitating the transaction.

High transparency

Bitcoin Machine discloses all the necessary information that a user needs to make informed choices. All these disclosers are made before you make a deposit. Fake robots disclose crucial information, such as partner brokers after deposit. This is because their only aim is to make people deposit with them after which they disappear with their money.

Learnbonds conducts comprehensive reviews to ensure that you have all the necessary info before you sign up with any robot. Leave us a comment below if there is a robot that you would like us to review.

Easy to use platform

Live trading with Bitcoin Machine involves setting the risk feature and clicking the live button.  You do not have to bother with the risk feature since its set to the right place by default. However, you can adjust it if you prefer trading at a lower or higher risk.

Please note that staking more than 10% of your account reduces the chances of recovery in the event of a bad trade. Moreover, reducing your risked capital per trade to below 10% reduces your profitability significantly. We suggest that you leave the risk feature at default.

Excellent customer services

Bitcoin Machine is among the few robots that offer 24/7 customer services. Furthermore, this robot provides help through phone, email, and live chat. While live chat and telephone get a response almost instantly, emails can take up to 48 hours.

The Bitcoin Machine service agents appear well equipped with information and tools. They collaborate with those of the underlying partner brokers hence ensuring that customers get all their questions answered in one place.

Bitcoin Machine has recently announced that it will be introducing a toll-free hotline to help its users from all over the world access services easily.

Safe platforms

Bitcoin Machine website is SSL protected. This implies that cybercriminals can not harvest any info submitted through it. Moreover, the robot has proper measures in place to protect users’ data.

For instance, their password policy dictates that users must create strong passwords and change them every three months. This is crucial given that weak passwords are the number one entry point for cybercriminals.

Learnbonds has also determined that Bitcoin Machine is GDPR compliant. For the record, the GDPR is a new data protection regulation requiring online platforms to handle EU Citizens data with utmost privacy.

Open your account

Creating an account with Bitcoin Machine

Opening a trading account with Bitcoin Machine follows three simple steps. These steps include;

STEP ONE: Signup

Visit the Bitcoin Machine website and register your name, email, and phone number in the provided form. Confirm your email by clicking the link sent to your email and phone number through a code sent via SMS. Bitcoin Machine may ask for extra information as a KYC measure.

STEP TWO: Get matched to a broker

The robot automatically matches you to a legit broker. We have determined that all brokers in partnership with Bitcoin Machine are well regulated. With a regulated broker, you have an assurance that your money is safe even in the event of a bankruptcy. Leading regulators require brokers to segregate deposits and use them for the meant purpose only.

STEP THREE: Live trading

Click the live trading button to start making money with Bitcoin Machine. You can adjust the risk feature before clicking the live button, but we suggest that you leave it at default. As mentioned earlier, the robot is set to risk only 10% of your capital per trade which makes it possible to recover in the event of a bad trade.

Bitcoin Machine has a win rate of 90%, which means that bad trades are rare. Setting the risk per trade to above 10% increases the chances of blowing your account through one bad trade.

Bitcoin Machine review; The Verdict!

Learnbonds has tested Bitcoin Machine and confirmed that it is legit. We suggest that you give it a try and get back to us with your results in the comment section. Remember that Bitcoin Machine is not without risk and hence do not trade with money you cannot afford to lose. A deposit of $250 is the best place to start. You can always grow your account by plowing back profits.

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Is Bitcoin Machine legit?

Yes! Bitcoin Machine is legit. We have tested it and confirmed that it is profitable.

How much can I make with Bitcoin Machine?

Our live test shows that it is possible to make up to $1k daily from a deposit of as little as $250.

How much does Bitcoin Machine cost?

Bitcoin Machine is a free robot. The investors behind this bot make money by charging a small commission on profits made through it.

How much capital should I invest with Bitcoin Machine?

A deposit of $250 is the best place to start. You can always grow your account via reinvestments.

Can I withdraw my earnings from Bitcoin Machine?

Yes! Bitcoin Machine allows you to withdraw whenever you want. Fill out the request form and wait for up to 24 hours for your money to be deposited in your account.


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