“The Great Experiment” And What It Means To Bond Investors


This is a tough time to be investing in fixed-income securities. The reason for this is that the Federal Reserve has taken the financial markets into places it has never seen before. Thus, everybody is on “new” ground and everyone is just guessing … [Read more...]

Income Investing – Looking Beyond Stocks and Bonds


In the first three parts of my series on income investing, I discussed what exactly income investing is, how common stocks and traditional bonds can play a role in the income investor’s portfolio, and certain things on the macro front that … [Read more...]

Bonds – A Necessary Component of the Income Investor’s Portfolio


In the second part of my series on income investing, I discussed the role that common stocks can play in an income investor’s portfolio. But stocks aren’t the only game in town. Bonds are also an important component of any diversified income-focused … [Read more...]