How to Find Opportunities in the Municipal Bond Market


Municipal bonds are interesting right now after the ‘taper tantrum’ that started at the beginning of May when the Federal Reserve telegraphed its intent to taper off their bond buying program known as quantitative easing. Actually, all bonds are a … [Read more...]

Best Buy’s New 5-Year Bond Yields 5%


It doesn’t seem like all that long ago that Best Buy’s stock and bonds were tanking and the investment community had the company pegged as doomed. Since the beginning of 2013, however, things have changed. The stock, trading under $12 per share at … [Read more...]

How much risk is in your “conservative” portfolio?

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It says conservative…. Most investment and advisory firms have asset allocation models for their clients with titles ranging from conservative to aggressive. What you should keep in mind, especially in a possible rising interest rate environment … [Read more...]