Asset Allocation of Bonds


One of the biggest questions facing investors of all ages and risk tolerance are what percentage of their portfolios should be devoted to bonds? It’s actually a very broad question with no one-size-fits-all answer. The best we can do is lay out some … [Read more...]

A Conservative Asset Allocation For Income-Focused Investors


Despite the headlines that make it seem as if every baby boomer is going to struggle to pay the bills in retirement, there are some people who have done an excellent job saving for their post-full-employment years.  For those people, the challenge … [Read more...]

Nobel Laureate + Bond Guru = The DoubleLine Shiller Enhanced CAPE Fund


The DoubleLine Shiller Enhanced CAPE Fund is an equity fund that combines the investment strategies of both Jeff Gundalch and Robert Shiller. Witnessing a need for sector selectivity in the stock market, and basing this selectivity on Robert … [Read more...]