I Know Where CD rates will be in 2015! Why Doesn’t Nobel Laureate Thomas Sargent

thomas sargent

(October 2012) Thomas Sargent, a Nobel Laureate in the field of economics, is featured in an Ally Bank TV commercial. (Commercial is located at the bottom of this article.) Moderator: Professor Sargent, can you tell me what CD rates will be in two … [Read more...]

CDs are Better Than Bonds For Short-Term Investments


Certificate of Deposit yields are low, very low.  For locking up your money for 5 years, you will receive less than 2.0%.  It almost doesn’t seem worth it.  However, its important to understand that investing is about getting the best returns … [Read more...]

Bill Gross channels John Bogle but is Wrong about CDs

bill gross

Bill Gross have you looked in the window of your local bank? In Bill Gross’s most recent market missive, “The Lending Lindy”, he makes the following statement: Most individual investors don’t have the privilege of time nor the choice of risking … [Read more...]