Xbox One X Fans Will Adore This Compatibility Promise From Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Xbox One

Microsoft Corporation is eager to get its incoming Xbox One X off to a roaring start. The company’s Xbox team assures gamers that the console will be a hit. Demand is overwhelming as it is, according to the firm. MCV UK has reason to believe that many retailers will struggle to feed the initial demand.

Preorders attest to the new console’s hype, says Microsoft. Gamers can also rest assured that there won’t be a shortage of games capable of making the most of the enhanced capabilities.

The Xbox One X will arrive as the new king of the playground. For years, Microsoft has been eager to come out of its “second best” position in the console race. This next console promises to do just that.

Yet there are some tactics that the company promises it will not stoop to in order to stay competitive. That is more than what can be said for the other side of the fence, too. We now know an awful lot about the things done to boost the appeal of the Xbox range. This week, however, brings news about how Xbox doesn’t play its console marketing.

It is generally understood that, at its current rate, Microsoft Corporation will be giving the likes of Sony a good run for their money. On a side note: let’s also keep an eye on the Switch, which is growing to be a formidable fan favorite.

But one thing Microsoft will not do to keep gamers excited, is push out a new console every year. This is according to the Xbox team’s market chief himself, who managed to speak to a few news outlets this week.

Albert Penello holds the role of senior director and leads the Xbox team’s global marketing agenda, too. When asked about the idea of upgrading gaming hardware every year, Penello said he is “certainly not an advocate” of that.

It is a weird conclusion to land on though. If anything, gadgets like the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X prove the excitement and cold, hard cash a mid-generation upgrade pulls in. Recent years have shown the vastness and diversity of the gaming community, too.

There are gamers who do not need powerful machines due to their casual interactions with their console. There also hardcore fanatic who live for such experiences and want the very best in speed, overall gameplay and visuals.

Microsoft Corporation  has this tohealthy say about Xbox One X

This latter group what the Xbox One X from Microsoft Corporation  is out to please. However, devices like it will not get pushed out year after year. At least, we think not. Penello’s assertion did not come across so solid, only that he personally does not favor the idea.

But even the guys at Xbox do cave in to frequent releases, there is one thing they will alway priortize, and that is compatibility. Penello says the company is on board with different Xboxes at different performance level. But the release of a new device should not render an older model useless.

The director had this to say: “We care a lot about compatibility, we have a huge effort around compatibility, and that’s not just backwards compatibility.”

Penello also believes that the Xbox One X under Microsoft Corporation will boost 4K TV sales. Already, a smooth rise in sales in recent years is working in the company’s favor.

“We have momentum on our side, which helps,” Penello told MCV.

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