Advanced 2017 Xbox One S From Microsoft (MSFT) will Rival Sony PS4

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Xbox One

Fanboys around the world are already very excited for the launch of the 2017 Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)‘ Xbox One S. Semi-upgrades have been an ongoing trend for tech companies lately and Microsoft is no exception to the hype. The U.S. software giant is often told to stay in its lane and forget about hardware production. This does very little to diminished the love for its Xbox console though. Expected next year, the Xbox One will be getting a newer, slimmer, and generally much better sibling.

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Xbox One

PS4 better watch out

The Xbox One S promises to be several times better than the current version. That’s not to say the Xbox One was a disappoint either. It does, however, fair poorly against the much-loved PS4 from Sony, which has outsold the Xbox and hindered its reputation in the process. Still, every champion has a lead rival, and no gaming console has held second place better than the Xbox.

Although, that could change in 2017. The Xbox One S will be crammed with features that could make most gamers want to upgrade. It’s overall size, shape and capacity to do more should rake in a of appeal.

The new power supply should run much quieter than the current PS4, according to most reports. Even in extreme usage, the Xbox One S promises to handle itself well under any condition. Sony has ruled in terms of internal power supply for years. The PS4 could have a hard time proving itself to be just as seamless as the 2017 Xbox.

Processing speed should be a lot faster as well. This will be the result of the quad-core chip instilled inside the One S. It will be supported with more RAM and menu visuals that are massive rarity these days.

Backwards compatibility will make the Xbox One S very inclusive. Old console games can be brought back and relived via the 2017 upgrade. It will additionally be crammed with support for High Dynamic-Range. Better visuals can be derived from this feature since it allows for improved light contrast. However, this will only be usable on Monitors and TVs that support the display tech. Further, only a select range of games will be able to take advantage of HDR. Listed so far are Gears of War 4, Scalebound and Forza Horizon 3.

New look for Xbox One S

The physical appearance of the 2017 Xbox will be much different from the current Xbox One. Reports assure us that the overall size should be reduced by around 40 percent. It will be slimmer and deviate from the monothelic shape of the Xbox as well.

We should hear more about the One S as we get closer to its launch. For now, gamers have enough to chew on. We hope that the next console from Microsoft will outdo our expectations.

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