Crystal Ball Taper Shenanigans and Today’s Other Top Stories

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Now the Federal Government is back to work, the financial press needs something to write about. So why not spend an hour looking into your crystal ball trying to speculate when the Fed is going to taper back the level of bond purchases it makes as part of its monetary stimulus program.

So here for your enjoyment is a quick summary of when some of the big movers and shakers think tapering will begin.

First up we have Chicago Fed President Charles Evans, who said Monday. “It will be tough for the Federal Reserve to have sufficient confidence in the strength of the U.S. recovery by its meeting in December to start scaling back a massive Fed bond-buying campaign, a senior U.S. central banker said on Monday.”

Citigroup seem to be ignoring Evans comments after it released a statement saying. “Its base case still anticipates tapering of QE to begin in either December or January, with asset purchases ending in the third quarter of next year.”

Barclays fixed-income strategist Ajay Rajadhyaksha says. “The Fed is most likely to start tapering in December.”

Joseph Tanious of JPMorgan told Bloomberg Television: “You’re probably looking at something early next year, possibly January under Yellen.”

And finally Ian Shepherdson, chief economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics says. “The U.S. central bank won’t begin the long-discussed pullback from its asset-purchase program until next June.”

So there you have it. The Fed could begin tapering anytime between now and next June. I think we have all bases covered there. Of course they could all be wrong, don’t forget these same analysts were convinced that tapering would begin in September.


Todays Other Top Stories


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Corporate Bonds

Morningstar: – IShares launches 2 short-duration corporate-bond ETFs. – Renaissance Capital launches an IPO ETF, WisdomTree rolls out a currency-hedged German-stock ETF, State Street draws up plans for an emerging-markets, low-volatility ETF, First Trust drafts a fund that would hold dividend-boosting firms listed on the Nasdaq, and more.


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Emerging Markets

FT: – Renewed vigour for EMs favours Indonesian bonds. – The U.S. budget deal is done (well, kicked down the road in truth), while the Federal Reserve is now expected to extend its largesse to compensate for the economic damage caused by the government shutdown and political gridlock. Thus, with seasonal factors also likely to be supportive, many analysts see a window for more bullishness in which risk premiums will be reduced over the next few months. Which should be good news for emerging markets.


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