Films aside, one of the main ongoing concerns for the firm is about its cable business losing subscribers to streaming rivals. The cable and consumer products units are a bit soft.Walt Disney Co will likely argue that it needs to have a lot of cash ready to build new park attractions, fund new films and shows, or make strategic acquisitions. After all, a lot of Disney’s growth over the past 10 years is due to billion dollar acquisitions. Notable among these are Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm. These takeovers also widen its moat against rivals like Time Warner and Viacom.

Over the past decade, Disney has reinvested its free cash flow in new overseas theme parks, cruise lines, and buying other studios and IPs.

The Motley Fool’s Leo Sun personally believes that Walt Disney Co still has room to keep growing these businesses. Shanghai Disney could be an excellent springboard into the rest of China, and the Star Wars Cinematic Universe is still in its infancy. Leo adds that the firm should keep making smart purchases like Marvel and Lucasfilm to diversify its business for long-term growth.