Beyond Model 3: Tesla Inc Car Business Gains New Features

Tesla Model S UpdateTesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) has a lot going on. In case you missed it, the company is three weeks into the launch of its affordable Model 3 sedan. Entering the mass market means a few things need to shape up though, not least the business’ customer relations model. Next is the firm’s newest Model S and Model X features, and complete energy solution packages, too.

In an email sent out this week, the company made news of the some interesting additions. The same newsletter provides news about Tesla’s solar business as well. Buyers can now rely on Tesla for a completely clean, home energy solution. It is the world’s first too, according to the company.

New standard Tesla Inc features

Tesla’s luxury cars are not just the quickest cars in their class. They also happen to be the safest. Although, that does not mean they can not be made even safer and a little bit faster. The automakers says this has just taken effect for its top-line offerings. Better yet, the new standard features result in no additional costs. A recent newsletter from the company announces features that were previously optional for Model S and Model X now come stock standard.

The features are nothing new to the Tesla car lineup. Now they come standard on the Model S and Model X SUV. With the Model 3 now on full offer, the company’s high-end offerings need to be that much more distinct. These latest additions seem to be a part of that bid.

“Smart Air Suspension provides better handling, efficiency and ride comfort with automatic location-based vehicle height adjustments,” Tesla wrote. It is also a feature the company is proud to announce comes standard on the Model S and Model X.

“New Model S and Model X 75 kWh vehicles received an over-the-air software update and now have improved performance”. In terms of speed, the update sheds a whole second of time in both vehicles’ zero-to-sixty acceleration rates. “We are also adding a new cream interior color,” the company added.

Referral Program offers free Supercharging

Tesla made a point of reminding its top-end buyers that they never need to worry about paying to recharge their cars. However, that is only if they follow the right purchasing procedures. Followers and buyer of the company’s cars might remember that Elon Musk’s auto business did away with the free Supercharger use for life policy. New buyers now get about 1,000 miles’ worth of free Supercharging per year. Any additional use beyond this has to be paid for.

That does not mean free Supercharging for life is no longer on the table though. There is just a different way of going about getting it. Every existing Model S and Model X owner has five referrals to give away. Each one gives buyers lifetime Supercharging. They also get a $1,000 discount towards their high-end Tesla purchase.

“If you’re interested in purchasing a Tesla, just ask friends who currently own a Model S or Model X,” the company advises.

Go solar with Tesla

Your complete home energy solution resides resides with Tesla Inc. The company reiterated that this week by announcing the three solar packages it has on offer. There is the Solar Roof, the Solar panels, and the Powerwall. All of those can be used in varying combinations to provide households with complete independence from municipal power grids.

“Even without solar, Powerwall can provide seamless backup power to protect your home from a grid outage,” Tesla adds.

Tesla executives get hands-on

Tesla Inc. buyers can now lodge their queries straight to company executives. Elon Musk’s auto business does not have a vast network of dealerships. The corporation sells its cars directly to customers, with no middleman cutting in on the costs. This is something the company fought tooth and nail to establish. However, customer services is not as top-tier as it needs to be because of this.

A large portion of the Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) buyer base is fed up with the slow-to-action customer care. It is reported that many of them hold this sentiment and have voiced their grievances, too. In light of this, Tesla is now letting customer speak directly to company execs. With its mass-market car fast-tracking its way into vast production, the company needs to deal with order back-logs more effectively.

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