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Tesla Inc. was the subject of several interesting reports this Tuesday. A lot more of the obtainable electric car market will belong to company over the next two years. Also, Elon Musk faces battery competition from a former employer. News reports say China will get the biggest Supercharger station ever built. Investors learned that Tesla is not the only one making cheaper electric cars. In fact, cars like the Model 3 will be common in years to come. Lastly, Tesla made $10 million off the sale of its Michigan factory.

The most energy efficient battery

Peter Carlsson worked five years at Tesla, seeing to the company’s development. Four months ago, he and former Tesla exec Paolo Cerruti showcased a plan. They seek to establish a $4.5 billion battery factory of their own and have their work in electric vehicles around the world.

Not only that, but Carlsson’s batteries will be a great deal better than the competition. The engineer vows to produce batteries that leave a significantly lower carbon footprint than other suppliers. He is already in the phase of raising funds for the factory’s initial development. When it is complete in 2023, Carlsson says it will produce 32 Gigawatts per hour. Peter Carlsson wants to encourage the transition to clean energy solutions, especially in one of the most pollutive industries on the planet. His goal is akin to Musk’s and the former Tesla employee plans to derive many battery components from retired batteries.

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Top Investors of Tesla...
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The explosion in Tesla car adoption

Adam Jones is an analyst at Morgan Stanley. On Tuesday, his team released a report predicting a boom in Tesla car sales. The end of 2018 should have more than 530,000 Teslas on the road, according to his team’s findings.

Morgan Stanley is excited about the expansion of Tesla’s reach in electric car markets. The next few years should see millions of the company’s cars on the road. In 2023, the number of Tesla owners will be ten times greater than what it will be at the end if this year. By 2040, expect the company to have sold 32 million vehicles. The adoption of electric cars will favor no company better than Tesla Inc, the report assured. Jones says that the surge in Tesla vehicle sales will be unlike anything seen in the industry in generations. He goes on to say the investment community is in for a treat.

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The biggest Tesla Inc. Supercharger station ever.

For those who have not been paying attention, Tesla does not take the electric car business lightly. The company has reached unprecedented victories through its ambition to electrify road transportation. It even has a widespread and growing network of Superchargers around the world. This week brings news that Tesla is building the mother of all recharge stations. Better yet, this is taking place in China.

Tesla Inc. promised to expand its network of Supercharger stations worldwide. We learn that the company is not kidding about giving its buyer base better access to recharging facilities. China is getting the biggest Supercharger station ever. The Elon Musk corporation has already started building it underground in Shanghai. It will feature 50 Superchargers. Tesla plans to have a close to a 1,000 more set up in the country according to assurances made earlier this year. As for the rest of the world, the technology company plans to put up 10,000 more Superchargers.

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Sorry Model 3, EVs are getting affordable everywhere

Less than 1 percent of global car sales are of electric cars. However, in less than a decade this niche market could find itself pulling in 7.5 percent of global car sales. That won’t be due to Tesla Inc. alone, but the general affordability of electric cars.

If the benefits to the environment don’t get buyers on board. If the driving experience is not enough to win people over. Should the overall cool and stylish designs not appeal to the general population, then perhaps a reduced price tag will. That is the thinking behind the Model 3, but the thought is not unique to Tesla Inc. . Research conducted by Cowen & Co explains that electric cars in general will be cheaper than combustion engine cars. This should happen by the mid-2020s. The reports factors in lower manufacturing sales, a growing number of car battery suppliers, subsequent falling prices and tax incentives.

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