These Beautiful iPhone 8 Videos Will Have You Reaching For Your Wallet

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Apple Inc. appears to have set the iPhone 8 release date for the end of September, and the firm’s legions of fans are waiting with bated breath. We don’t know exactly what the design of the next big smart phone will be, but there’s been enough information out there to put together an idea of the shape, size and design of the device.

Luckily for you internet dwellers, some truly talented people have brought their imaginations to bear on the latest iPhone 8 leaks. The result are some extraordinary and beautiful imaginings of what the device will look like, and how it’s going to work. Read on to feel your heartstrings, and the Velcro on your wallet, being tugged at.

First look at the iPhone 8

This simple video is one of the earliest iPhone 8 leaks we had which purported to show the full design. It’s pretty short and there’s really little enough inspiration to be had because of the jerky hand movements.

It does give us some info about the size and shape of the device, however. That’s important because one of the most interesting things about the new device is that it’s going to be smaller without reducing the size of the screen.

iPhone 8 unboxing

It’s a familiar rhythm. As soon as the iPhone 8 launch happens people start queuing in order to be first in line to get their hands on the next big thing. Then the unboxing videos start happening.

This year, however, with so many iPhone 8 leaks, unboxing season is coming early. In the above video Unbox Therapy takes a model of the iPhone 8 from its packaging and discusses its features, much like the traditional format. The conceit is, of course, that this is just an idealization of the iPhone 8 design, rather than the device itself.

Comparing the iPhone 8 to the iPhone 7s

This is one of the more interesting videos to emerge in recent days. It purports to compare the iPhone 8 design with that of the iPhone 7S. Analysts reckon that Apple is going to launch 3 new iPhones this September. That number includes the iPhone 8, an iPhone 7S, and iPhone 7S Plus. The video comes from Benjamin Geskin.

So now that you’ve had a look at all three designs, which is going to catch your fancy heading into the holiday season? Wall Street’s commentators reckon that the iPhone 8 release date is going to land on time this year, so the calendar isn’t going to help you make up your mind.

The Copper iPhone 8

This is the new color that we’re apparently going to see with on the iPhone 8 this year. According to rumor, there’s going to be a limited selection of colors on offer when the device is up for launch. Copper, as shown in the above video from Giga.de, is apparently set to be one of them.

According to Ming Chu Kuo, one of the most influential iPhone 8 leak experts, there’s only going to be three colors of the device at launch. With only one of them set to be new, lets see which shade of the next big smartphone will take over the world.

Techtastic iPhone 8 in black

Most of those leaking iPhone 8 videos recently have focused on the copper version. That’s the color that looks set to replace “rose gold” as the hottest smartphone shade this year.

This video, however, presents a design that takes all the latest leaks into account, but presents it in full black. It’s the classic iPhone look that’s enduringly popular. The above video, however, endures just a few seconds. It comes from techtastic.nl, and at least it offers us a brief glimpse at the device.

Why won’t the iPhone 8 turn on

There’s a graceful beauty in the iPhone 8 on display in these videos, but there’s also an add stillness. It turns out that none of the above videos are of the real iPhone 8. Instead they’re just mock ups forged from the incredible number of leaks we’ve seen this year.

That’s why the models in the above videos don’t turn on, and why we still can’t be sure what device Tim Cook will pull out on the iPhone 8 release date. We’re sure it’s going to be incredible. It’s even likely to look a good amount like the devices on display in these videos. What we don’t know, however, is whether or not this is the exact design to expect.

Apple Inc. iPhone

The big question surrounds the “notch”. That’s the part of the top bezel, containing the speaker and the camera. As you can see in the above videos it intrudes into the screen area.

As far as we can see from the latest leaks, this is one part of the design that has indeed been confirmed. We know this because the software of the Apple HomePod, which the firm itself appears to have leaked, has an icon that looks just like the proposed design.

The question is, despite how beautiful the device might look in these videos, are you ready for that intrusion? Wouldn’t you prefer a completely bezel-less design?

The argument against the iPhone 8 design

There’s a big argument here against the iPhone 8 design. It’s put most forcefully by Stan Schroeder over at Mashable. He sets up the argument plainly. The “notch,” he says is “an awful idea” because it’s “ugly“.

He acknowledges that it might be seen as necessary on the way to a fully bezel-less phone. But he seems to think the compromise simply isn’t worth it.

The “notched” portion of the screen will be useless in most scenarios“, he says. That remains to be seen, of course. If the tech world operates as usual, in six months we’ll have a whole lot of articles declaring the “dawn of the notch,” bragging about all of the extra space available in “notched” smartphones.

That will be followed by “Death of the beleaguered notch” thinkpieces once the iPhone 9 rumors emerge.

What do you think about the iPhone 8 design? Are the leaks too much to take this year? What about the dreaded “notch”? I guess we’ll have to wait to hear the public’s reaction in full.

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