The Model S Is Tesla Motors’ Best EV! And It’s About To Get Even Better.

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Model S Luxury Sedan

Tesla Motors Inc’s Model S sedan is indisputably the best car to have rolled out of the EV giant’s production line. It has won numerous awards since its release in 2012 and continues to leave its drivers, as well as its critics, in awe.

Reviewers and owners across the board simply can’t keep quiet about it. It comes with a lot more than the luxuries you’d expected from it, offering an unprecedented sporty edge to boot. Bearing all this, it’s almost hard to believe that the electric sedan could possibly get any better. However, Tesla is about to make its most successful EV a whole lot more impressive.

It was thought by industry experts that the release of Tesla’s Model X would steal a lot of appeal away from is sleek sedan counterpart. This is yet to happen as the Model S continues to hold the bulk of Tesla’s orders. The P85D managed to score the highest rating ever assigned by Consumer Reports.

The Model S’s hidden sporty side is mostly what gets Tesla lovers so giddy and worked up. One moment you’re cruising luxuriously on the road and in an instant you can be racing along the highway. Yes, up until last year, with Insane Mode, the car was capable of doing 0-to-60 in just 3.1 seconds. The sedan then got its Ludicrous upgrade which allowed it to cut that time down to an unbelievable 2.8 seconds. And you thought electric vehicles were for limp-wristed tree huggers…

All the power reserved for million-dollar supercars can easily be accessed by Tesla’s Model S for just a tenth of the cost.

Parked high up at the top of the Model S range is the company’s P90D. Unlike its counters, the P90D harbors a 90 kWh battery pack that allows it to span 288 miles on a single charge. Well, that’s if you can hold back the urge to tap into the car’s Ludicrous Mode, which boosts the cars performance but chips away at the distance it can cover.

Tesla 100 kWh Model S could be near

Now an even better Model S is reported to be making its way to the EV line up. This one is said to pack an even larger battery pack, allowing drivers to trek across more distance per charge. Yes, Tesla Motors Inc  is reported to be scaling up from a 90 to a 100 kWh battery packed EV. The power boost will allow the Model S to venture a further 12 miles. This pushes the luxury sedan’s range capacity to an even and slightly more assuring 300 miles per charge.

The news came from Car and Drive earlier this week and has been taken as the clarification behind the Model S hack story that recently flooded headlines. Tesla was very vague about the alleged incident where someone hacked into a Model S and found its 100-kWh capacity.

Teslas get better and better

The upgrade to a 100 kWh sedan was perhaps expected though. Tesla Motors is i notoriously known to pump a steady flow of improvement into its EVs.

Further, while Tesla  has missed its production goals time and time again, the EV firm hasn’t lost touch with why people adore its cars. They come with speed, power and, every so often, a fun new upgrade. The most recent big change was the addition of the new Summon feature. This allows Tesla drivers to command their EVs in and out of parking spaces without even being in them. The company sure knows how to add new dimensions to luxury.

“We just relentlessly make thing better,” said the company’s CEO, Elon Musk. “For the Model S, there’s an average of 20 improvements per week. The CEO and innovator says these are tiny upgrade that drivers wouldn’t notice. “But, it is a continuous improvement process.”

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