Warning! Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Autopilot Failed This Test [UPDATED]

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Autopilot

Tesla Motors Inc autopilot system detects pedestrians on the road, but won’t necessarily stop for them – at least according to this test. KmanAuto just posted a YouTube video of a test they ran to see if the Model S would stop at the detection of a pedestrian and it failed.

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Tesla Autopilot tested by Kman

Kman has a popular YouTube channel, where he uploads videos about his Model S or his ownership experience. In his latest video, Kman claims he found “two serious flaws” in the Model S’ Autopilot system.

“The summon feature of the Tesla Model S worked flawlessly as designed, though the tesla autopilot and tesla traffic aware cruise control (TACC) failed to even attempt to slow or stop the vehicle,” Kman claims in the video.

KmanAuto conducted three tests with the help of their friend Mike Anthony, who volunteered to be the part of the test. The first part of the tests was done utilizing the center sensors on the Model S bumper using the Summon feature. Summon is normally used by the owners to have their car park out or pull in from the garage on its own. Previously, a driver discovered that Amazon’s Alexa can be used to work in conjunction with Tesla’s Summon mode as well.

About the tests

Mike was asked to stand in front of the car for this test, and the Model S was summoned forward. The car was said to have stopped exactly 12-inch from Mike with the Summon feature engaged. The electric car was then backed, and summoned again to test its side bumper sensor. The car did its best to drive around Mike when this test was done, but they had to stop the car from being summoned. Mike stepped directly in the EV’s path in the next test with the Summon mode on. The electric car came to a halt immediately.

The second test, meanwhile, involved Tesla Motors Inc ’s Traction Aware Cruise Control. The car used an audible and visual warning only to warn with Mike standing in front. Tesla’s Collision Avoidance System did not halt the car even if it was close to impact.

The third test examined Tesla’s Collision Avoidance System while being in Autopilot mode. It took longer for the electric car this time to warn the driver of any possible collision ahead. And the system did not even attempt to stop or slow down the car, making matters worse. The electric car would have easily hit Mike, if the driver had not re-engaged the wheel.

If you are worrying about Mike, don’t be. KmanAuto says they had arranged the tests with “pre-determined situations planned if the vehicle did not stop.”

A Spokesperson at Tesla Motors has provided the following information regarding Traffic Aware Cruise Control and Automatic Emergency Braking:

Safety is a top priority at Tesla, and anyone attempting to purposefully strike another person or object with their Tesla is misusing the vehicle. It is paramount that our customers exercise safe behavior when using our vehicles, including remaining alert and ready to resume control at all times when using the car’s autonomous features, and braking to avoid a collision. 

More information on Automatic Emergency Braking:

Model S and Model X are equipped with Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), which is designed to engage the brakes at the last possible moment to avoid or mitigate a collision. AEB does not engage when an alternative collision avoidance strategy (e.g., driver steering) remains viable. Instead, when a collision threat is detected, forward collision warning alerts the driver to encourage them to take appropriate evasive action. AEB is a fallback safety feature that operates by design only at high levels of severity and should not be tested with live subjects.

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