Tiny Tesla Superchargers Can Now Charge Your Smartphone: Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA)

Tesla Superharger for Smartphones

A Tesla Motors Inc driver from Northern Germany and a 3D printing enthusiast – Martin Hansen – has designed a miniature 3D printed Tesla Supercharger, which can be used to charge smartphones, says a report from 3ders. The “real” Tesla Supercharger supplies charges to Tesla cars. Tesla Superchargers have the ability to provide 170 miles of charge in as little as 30 minutes, and can be found in 604 US locations.

Tesla Superharger for Smartphones

A Supercharger for smartphones

We know that the Model S is changing the world. Its an all-electric, five-door, automotive masterpiece and the world’s best-selling electric car. The electric carmaker is determined to make its Model S the most easily chargeable green vehicle on earth. Hansen impressed by a friend’s Model S in 2014, decided to show respect to the supercharger with a 3D printed smartphone Supercharger.

Hansen’s 3D printed charger bears the iconic Tesla Motors Inc name and lettering, and looks just like its inspiration. The device consists of just six 3D printable components, and can be easily assembled, and can be used in conjunction with any kind of smartphone cable, but it can’t charge the iPhone any faster, the report says.

“I spent almost all of my free time researching Tesla Motors and the Model S,” Hansen says. “Visiting the Supercharger station again, the idea came into my mind: the Supercharger network is the key to success for Tesla, so every Tesla owner would love to have their own Supercharger at home.”

Hansen fully deserves the credit as he spent weeks in learning basic CAD before being able to design his Supercharger design in Autodesk Inventor. Hansen has uploaded the STL files for his 3D printable Supercharger onto his website to share his design with the Tesla folks.

Tesla stock rebounding

It was a strange end to 2015 for the electric carmaker. The much-awaited Model X SUV was launched in October, but the EV firm barely managed to hit its own reduced guidance of 50,000 deliveries in the year. Then, early this year, its share price dropped sharply.

The reason being Wall Street’s decision that the electric carmaker needed to execute on building cars to grow in accordance with a $30-billion market cap, but the automaker struggled to do it. However, Tesla shares have been rebounding for the past 30 days. The question is what has changed investors’ mood?

It can be due to two reasons. One, Tesla Motors Inc did start to look cheap, so it must have got some buyers, and second, the new Model 3 priced $35,000 and with expectation to deliver 200 miles of range per battery charge will be revealed in Los Angeles on March 31.

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