Tesla Motors (TSLA) in Talks With Sheetz Inc., Superchargers, Snacks and Lottery Tickets!

Tesla Inc (TSLA)

Tesla Motors Inc is said to be working on a deal with gas retailer and convenience store brand Sheetz Inc. Through the partnership, the luxury EV maker will establish more Supercharger stations across the United States.

Across the ocean, all the way in the east, Tesla is finally delivering its Model Xs in China. However, it would appear the company isn’t setting up a factory there anytime soon. Shutting down some swirling rumors of a China factory deal, Tesla Motors denied any plans to build cars in the Asian republic just yet. More on China in a minute but first…

Tesla beefs up Supercharger network

Sheetz will be Tesla’s next medium of expansion when it comes to the EV firm’s Supercharger network. The national gas and quick-stop brand already has around eight stations where electric cars can recharge. Currently, the company does not accommodate Teslas, though. None of the EV-friendly Sheetz locations are equipped with Tesla Superchargers.

In states like North Carolina and Pennsylvania, Sheetz is gaining a reputation as the gas station brand that caters to EVs too. Naturally, Tesla would like to help Sheetz build that part of itself. That’s not to say luxury car maker has nothing to gain from the venture either. Tesla’s well-established Supercharger network is known to be a key aspect of the company’s growth.

“Having a car is about freedom,” Elon Musk explains. The words were shared at the company’s Model 3 unveiling earlier this year. The Tesla CEO believes that owning an EV should offer just as much freedom as any other car, if not a little bit more. The poor establishment of charging stations is one of the more notorious downsides of owning an electric car in the current day.

Unlike conventional car drivers, most EV owners have to plan their long-distance trips according to the available recharging stations on route. For now, this plays into the cons raised when considering an electric vehicle. However, the greater the infrastructure is for electric cars, the greater their adoption will be as well.

Tesla didn’t directly comment on the venture but has admitted that talks are happening through of sources. Sheetz Inc operates in 6 states in the U.S. The convenience store brand has refused to share how many of its locations will gain Tesla Supercharger.

No Tesla factory in China – yet

Staying with denials, Tesla Motors Inc. has refuted claims that it is building a China factory with the Chinese government. Last week, news outlets reported the company to be spending a collective $9 billion on an alleged china plant. The plant was said to be build in collaboration with a China state-owned company.

CEO Elon Musk shut down the idea this week though. The company chief says factories will be build in China when the time is right. Musk claims that plants in the east Asian country will only be established when demand reaches “critical mass”.

The People’s Republic holds a rapidly growing EV market. The electric car scene there is about to be overwhelmed with Tesla-like vehicles. EV adoption is on the rise in the country as well. According to sources, the second largest Model 3 pre-orders are from the region.

New Model X in China

However, in regards to what China will be getting from Tesla Motors –.Model X 75D deliveries will finally begin this week. The 75D will serve as the new base model in the country. It is powered by a 75kWh battery pack and will go for around $128,000.

Deliveries of the Model X SUV began just four days ago, with the first 6 given to their new owners. The 27th of June saw Tesla’s 100th Supercharger being set up in China too. The region has seen upped demand for Tesla EVs. Base on electric car trends, experts expect Asia to become the largest EV consumer in the world.

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