Tesla Motors (TSLA) Model S Used to Dodge Cops in Crazy Promo Video

Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Model S Update

It’s common knowledge that Tesla Motors doesn’t spend “a dime” on advertising. The firm depends on the quality of its products and services to create buzz in the market and to sell its cars. So far, the strategy seems to be working well. It’s working so well that creative types are taking it upon themselves to produce and promote “unofficial” ads for the Model S.

Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Model S Update

In February, the Freise Brothers entertained us with a video ad for Tesla– the ad was 1984ish and it had a narrative spiced with symbolic quotes from Nikola Tesla. You could argue that the unofficial ads for Tesla don’t mean a thing because indie amateur filmmakers made them; and you’d be right. However, a veteran commercial film producer has joined the fray to make a “crazy” video ad featuring the Model S.

The craziest of all Tesla video ads is here

Manuel Wenger is a veteran commercial filmmaker and producer; he doesn’t work pro bono but he has made an exception for Tesla – Musk didn’t even need to ask. Wenger had made commercials for Rolls Royce, Audi, and Ford – BMW also hired him to make an ad for the electric BMW i3. However, the interesting thing here is not Wenger’s profile but the slightly unconventional ad he made for Tesla to promote the spaciousness and quietness of the Model S.

You can watch the video above here, but here’s a quick (hopefully accurate) narration. The video opens up with a Tesla Motors Model S making its way smoothly along the highway – it didn’t even startle some reptiles that were on the road. The occupants of the car, a man and woman were enjoying the smooth ride and smiling until they got to a roadblock that the police mounted.

An officer flagged them down and he asked to see a license, which the driver provided. He then asked to see the trunk of the car, the officer checked the trunk; there was nothing incriminating so he waved them along on their way. The couple got to their destination and the man (covered in tattoo) opened the “frunk” to reveal wads of crash. The woman was overjoyed and we saw the Tesla logo with the slogan “more space than expected”.   However, the law had the last laugh as a cop arrived silently in another Model S to effect an arrest  — and there comes the Tesla logo with another slogan “and striking silently”.

It is a win-win for Elon Musk

Tesla Motors doesn’t spend money on advertisements but it sure has a huge marketing budget that is enough to create the buzz and sell the cars. Interestingly, many filmmakers think that the firm could sell more of its cars if it has video ads to go along with its sales channels. It remains unknown whether the unofficial Tesla ads were made out of a love and passion for EVs or soft sell approach to make Elon Musk change his mind about ads – maybe it’s a little of both.

However, Musk’s decision not to make ads has so far proven to be valuable. Filmmakers jostle with one another create the best ads for the firm, the firm gets the ads and the buzz they create free. And when someone makes a “crazy” ad that gets the whole world talking; Tesla can conveniently deny culpability by saying “we didn’t commission that ad” – the best part is that, there no such thing as “bad publicity” and that’s why YOU are reading this.

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