How Tesla Motors (TSLA) Locked up the Luxury EV Market

Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Model S

Tesla Motors Inc has a way of keeping owners happy by issuing a steady flow of improvements and updates for its luxury EVs. Owning either the Model S or Model X comes with far more than the expected luxury, status and conservational peace of mind. A Tesla EV also offers you the assurance that the vehicle you’re driving will always remain at the far edge of performance and safety.

Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Model S - CPO Program

According to the company, the Model S sedan receives numerous tiny updates weekly. “We just relentlessly make things better,” says Elon Musk, CEO and innovator at Tesla. “So, for example, for the Model S, there’s an average of 20 improvements per week. Mostly, these are little, tiny, nuanced things that most people wouldn’t notice. But, it’s a continuous improvement process.”

Now which other automaker can possibly claim such dedication to its brand and to it drivers? What’s even more exciting is that every so often, Tesla Motors sends out a fantastic new update to its cars. These usually add an entirely new fun or luxurious aspect to the EVs.

Tesla’s evolving EVs

Consider the Tesla’s Autopilot. This is a feature that offers Tesla drivers something that gives them a taste of what fully autonomous driving will be like. Tesla has warned drivers not to completely rely on it though, as it is still very much a work-in-progress. However, videos across the Web have proven that the feature does offer a comforting degree of reliable hand and foot-free driving.

In 2015, the company also updated the already-loved Insane Mode to something even the company considers to be ludicrous. Switching to Insane Mode gave the Model S an unprecedented amount of torque that let it do 0-to-60 in just 3.1 seconds.

But insanity wasn’t enough for Tesla Motors, and so Ludicrous Mode was ushered in. This completely shattered the 3 second barrier that many supercars barely manage break. Yes, Ludicrous Mode allows the Model S — a car built entirely for luxury — to go from 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds.

The most recent big update was the introduction of the Summon feature. This lets drivers summon their cars into and out of parking spaces “like an obedient pet.” Drivers don’t even need to be in the car to make use of this feature.

Teslas truly are all-round playthings of the road.

It’s safety first for Tesla

However, for Tesla Motors, beyond extravagance and fun, is safety. This month, Tesla owners received an email from the company meant to remind and assure them that their EVs are, and always will be, at the forefront of safety.

The EV giant believes that safe driving shouldn’t be a chore, rather, it should be something simple and seamless. This is something Tesla ensures via its technology and software updates.

“Teslas are designed to be the safest cars on the road,” the company writes. “In fact, Model S holds a five-star rating worldwide. And now, with the Addition of Tesla’s Autopilot safety and convenience features, Tesla’s are now safer than ever.”

Teslas are safe in all conditions

Tesla’s are usually depicted swooshing around in sunny and warn conditions. However, this latest safety update email sent to driver assures that its EVs are the safest in any conditions, come rain or shine, and even snow.

“Watch how effortlessly Model S performs in the Norwegian snow,” the company brags, adding a video of the car venturing through alp-like conditions. “Instantaneous acceleration. Unprecedented range. Precise control. Serious traction. That’s what Model S delivers in even the most challenging conditions.”

It is clear from the actions of Tesla Motors that the company truly prides itself in its cars. Not only are they aesthetically appealing and fully of luxury, but they are also jam-packed with technology and software that evolves almost daily to suit the fun and safety needs of the driver.

Truly, Tesla Motors Inc is the world’s unrivaled EV automaker.

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