Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Next Roadster Will Break Out Maximum Plaid Mode

Tesla Motors, Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA)

These days the upcoming Model 3 consumes most of the hype surrounding Tesla Motors Inc . But company’s car plans reach beyond that . Between next year’s new EV and the few more variants of Model Ss and Model Xs that are bound to show up, we’re told that the next generation of the Roadster could come as soon as 2019.

Not known for holding back, the luxury car maker assures us that the re-installment of its debut EV will pack something a bit more powerful and much more exciting. Elon Musk — CEO at Tesla Motors — says the next Roadster will usher in Maximum Plaid mode. This addition of speed and power would be the slightly predictable yet no less awaited successor to the famous Ludicrous mode.

Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Roadster

Maximum Plaid with New Tesla Roadster

You can always count on Tesla Motors to geek it out every once in a while. The luxury EV maker is serious when it comes to pushing out its cars, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few giggles at Palo Alto either. They are plagued with a growing number of obstacles. Despite this, there are some reminders that those at Tesla are having a bit of fun along the way.

For instance, the third addition to Tesla’s current EV line-up is meant to let the automaker spell out “SEX” with its car titles. Musk himself has spoken of this several times. It was because of this that the Model 3 was intended to be called the Model E. Ford, however, had already snatched the name up for its own electric car concept. So the electric automaker settled for Model 3 instead. The “3” will be depicted with three horizontal lines though. This would allow it to be easily interpreted as the E Tesla wanted.


If you’ve seen Spaceballs, you might be aware that the modes that add unprecedented amounts of speed and torque to Tesla’s elegant EVs are derived from the movie. Any Spaceballs fan will tell you there’s only one level beyond Ludicrous mode, and that’s Maximum Plaid. Tesla followers have long awaited this inevitable level up from the already Insane and Ludicrous speeds. Already giving million-dollar supercars a run for their money, Ludicrous mode alone allows the Model S sedan to go from 0 to 60 in just 2.8 seconds.

It is Tesla’s pinnacle speed achievement so far. That stands to change in about 3 years though. Maximum Plaid mode is now something we can look forward to. Musk himself has mentioned that it will be reserved for the next generation Roadster , which will likely come out in 2019, Electrek reports. Nothing else is known about the vehicle, but Musk’s words hint that it will probably be a very fast peace of road tech.

However, by 2019 the revamped Roadster from Tesla Motors Inc won’t be the only all-electric Roadster on the market. China is full to the brim with budding Tesla  rivals. The electric car revolution is unfolding well in the east Asian republic. Demand for Tesla is high, but the country is brewing up its own supply of electric vehicles too. Many of them are bound to give Tesla a hard time.

Next Tesla Roadster won’t be unrivaled

The country’s LEE Super EV by LeEco, for instance, is an elegantly attractive EV sedan concept that is bound to give Tesla Motors a hard time when it hits the market. New electric car maker Faraday Future has also gone from mere start-up to Tesla’s most prominent rival is avery short time.

But China has a very appealing EV roadster in mind as well. Set to come out next year, the Qiantu K50 could have EV fans craving the feel roadster again. It will go for a reported $106,000 and will be released a year or two a head of the next Tesla Roadster.


But the most exciting development in Tesla Motors is expected to make its way to the public late next year. Already nearing 400,000 pre-orders, the Model 3 concept not only presents itself as the company’s cheapest vehicle yet — it stands to be the most successful all-electric in mid-market car segment as well.

The car will have a standard price of $35,000 before tax incentives. That’s less than half the going price of a new Model S, excluding the recently rebooted Model S 60. It’s closest is considered to be GM’s Chevron Bolt. Hovever, getting the Tesla brand at a discount is the Model 3’s true appeal.

Proof of this liesite in the Bolt’s predecessor, the Chevy Volt. Said to be among the leaders in the affordable EV segment, the Volt has just recently passed it’s 100,000 sales mark globally. Tesla Motors  has had its Model 3 pre-order out for just over two months. Already, nearly 400,000 people around the globe have paid $1,000 to get their hands on a Model 3. That number is bound to spike as we near it’s release.

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