Tesla Motors Welcomes a ‘Less Privileged Class’ of Owners to The Family

Tesla Inc (TSLA)

There are many who fancy getting behind the wheel of a luxurious Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) EV sometime in the future. However, potential buyers might be saddened to know they only have 5 days lefts to join the ranks of the free, unlimited Supercharging class.

Tesla Motors announced a change to the economics of its supercharger program at the start of the fourth quarter. The move will introduce a new and arguably less privileged class of owners to the Tesla community. From the beginning of 2017, new Tesla buyers will be slapped with limited, free Supercharger use. They will have pay for any use beyond their annual allotment.

The closure of this year will mark one of Tesla’s biggest transitions since the introduction of its public superchargers. One of the most convenient and alluring aspects about owning a Tesla is the free, unlimited access to public Superchargers. Since 2012, the worldwide charging stations helped put the EV giant on the map. It gave owners of the company’s luxury, electric cars some near unrealistic peace of mind. This came in addition to enabling long distance travel.

Currently, anyone driving a Model S or Model X need not worry about how, where, or whether they can afford to refuel their cars. Unfortunately, this all ends on on December 31st 2016.

A new, distinct kind of Tesla owner

People who wish to make the soon-to-be exclusive list of free, unlimited Supercharger users have just a few more days to do so. The new year comes with a change to the existing Supercharger program and will finally see Tesla capitalize on the use of its charging network. However, the company claims the move is well-intentioned and will benefit the Tesla community in the long-run.

“We’ve designed our network so that all customers have access to a seamless and convenient charging experience when their away from home,” the EV firm wrote on Monday. The company assures the public that its intention was always to use Superchargers as a means to enable long-distance travel. This is why Tesla is ushering in a change to the economics of the supercharger program. Musk and his car company hope wain owners off their dependence on public stations.

A word from the boss

CEO Elon Musk has said before that he believes public charging is not an effective way to juice up your Tesla. The chief exec tends to use his well-known cellphone analogy to drive the idea home. Why would anyone buy a cellphone if they had to go to the store every time they needed to charge it? Since your car is an item that is equally as personal, fueling it should be something that is more in the control of its owner.

So, in a bid to encourage the adoption of home charging stations and turn public Superchargers to a contingency plan, a change to the Supercharger Program had to be introduced.

The Supercharger Program Change

Those who decide to order a Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) after the new year has set in will find themselves less privileged than the existing Tesla community. These new owners will only be entitled to 400 kWh of free Supercharging per year. This equates to around 1,000 miles of free juice. After that has been used up, the new batch of Tesla drivers will be subject to light fee for charging their cars.

Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Autopilot

According to the company, the cost will be reasonable and considerably less than filling up a gas-fueled car.

Tesla started its SuperCharger Network back in 2012. It soon became known as the fastest car charging solution it the world. It also took away the city-bound status that was often associated with the electric cars. Today more than 160,000 Tesla owners worldwide have free access to the company’s 4,600 global charging stations. From strongholds of Asia, including China and Japan, to most of the E.U., North and South America, Tesla’s Superchargers have allowed its EV owners to travel with peace of mind.

Tesla Motors Inc. promises that more details will be given before the year is out. The firm also makes one more assurance to the public. “[W]hile prices may fluctuate over time and very regionally based on the cost of electricity, our Supercharger Network will never be a profit center.” That being said, the move holds all the workings of an obvious incentive plan. It should see a large portion of next year’s demand come forward into the current year.

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