Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Model X Has Awesome (Tiny) Features

Tesla Motors Inc Model-X

Tesla Motors Inc showed off the Model X EV SUV for the first time on Tuesday and, though the car itself is clearly awesome, the event itself was a little underwhelming. Elon Musk, in fairly typical fashion, was very late to the stage, and he was interrupted by the Model X rather than being allowed to present it. In the course of the chaos Tesla Motors neglected to give us a good look at many of the features of the car.

Tesla Motors Inc Model-X

Here’s a look not at the falcon wing doors or the bioweapon defense mode of the Model X, but at the little things that are likely to make the Tesla Motors Model X a pleasure to drive again and again, the simple features that were glossed over.

Automatic everything with Model X

Tesla Motors still hasn’t released the software update that will let the Model X and Model S drive themselves, but the firm has brought a great list of automated features to the cars. The Model X will, as we saw in great detail at the launch event, have doors that will sense the height they can open to, but there’s lots of simple little motors in the SUV that will  make your life easier.

Look at the below video to see how Tesla Motors has put a robot in charge of something as simple as a sun visor.


We saw a lot of this on the doors at the Model X event, but Tesla Motors has a lot going on inside the car that it simply didn’t get a chance to show off fully.

There will be a spoiler on the Model X, and you can set it to three modes. It’s hidden by default, but you’ll be able to tell it to give you more stability, add to your aerodynamic profile or pop up simply to look nice.

There’s bound to more little motors whirring in the Model X and giving you exactly what you want. We’ll have to wait for the full release version of the car to appear before we get a chance to see what exactly Tesla Motors’ robots are going to help you with over the coming years.

The Model X can charge your phone

The Model X will be able to charge your phone from a special little cradle. That’s the sort of tiny little boon that will make the Tesla such an easy car to own and drive. The cradle will come with a connection for either the iPhone or an Android phone and it’s likely that the connection will be relatively simple to change should you decide to switch brands.

Tesla Motors has invisible sensors

Elon Musk did mention this at the Model X event, but the gravity of the achievement seems to have evaded the audience. Modern cars have bumps on the outside that house senors needed to detect traffic and obstacles. These sensors will be key to the future Autopilot functions of the Model X and are already used for some things right now.

In the Falcon Wing doors on the Model X there won’t be any bumps for the sensors. That’s an incredible achievement, and it could mean great things for future versions of the car. Sensors like those used in the Model X have big problems seeing through metal, but Elon Musk seems to have found a way around that.

For now the rest of the sensors on the Model X are still housed in ugly bumps. We’ll see how the firm’s sonar charge might change that as the firm iterates on the tech, but for now it’s a novel step in an incredible direction.

Everything in the Model S and more

Tesla Motors Inc is building on a great base with the Model X. The Model S was already a car that made the lives of drivers much easier, and most of the benefits of the vehicle have made their way into the big new release from the firm.

If you shell out for the Model X you’ll never have to visit a gas station ever again. You get over-the-air updates, and they’re soon to bring you a car that can drive itself. You can run your car in the garage all night without worrying about fumes, and the car will start itself without you needing to convince it to do so.

The Model S is one of the most convenient cars to own. It’s just so simple, most of the time, to jump in and get it to run you around. The Model X appears to have every little feature that the Model S brought to the road and more.

When you walk to the door of the Model X it will open for you, or open at the slightest of touches. The back doors will open with the touch of a button, and they’ll leave you with huge amounts of room to enter and exit. Speaking of room the Model X has an immense amount of storage, and it’s hard to think of too many eventualities that won’t be covered by the cavernous frunk.

There’s a litany of features on the Model X that, just like the Model S, you may not realize are great up until you have to jump back into a BMW or Mercedes.

Tesla Motors only made about six of them for the event on Tuesday so it seems that, despite technically meeting the deadline, the firm still has a long way to go before it’s in full mass production. Elon Musk said that they’ll only ramp up late in the fourth quarter.

Until then, and likely beyond, we’re going to hear a lot of stories about the Model X breaking in ways the owner, or Tesla Motors, didn’t account for. We’re sure the doors won’t close properly, and the eats will break, and the phone charger won’t work. That’s par for the course when it comes to what it essentially an artisnal car maker.

Tesla Motors will take care of each of those issues however, and by the time those buying a Model X today get their unit, likely this time next year or beyond, it’s going to be great, and it’s going to keep getting better.

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