Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Model X Clues From Colbert’s Late Show

model x colbert elon musk tesla motors inc

Tesla Motors Inc has a lot riding on the release of the Model X. The SUV is set to arrive on the market some time in the next few weeks, though Elon Musk and his team have not yet said much about an official release date. We have, from other quarters, managed to get details of a different kind of date from Elon Musk.

model x colbert elon musk tesla motors inc

It turns out that Elon Musk will appear on Steven Colbert’s Late Show in just two weeks. We may hear about the Model X more then. Once Mr. Musk appears on Colbert he’ll either have launched the Model X, or he’ll be just over two weeks away from a deadline Tesla Motors has imposed on itself.

Elon Musk set to appear on Colbert

Elon Musk doesn’t make that many appearances on TV any more. After all he’s in the process of running two incredible, innovative firms, Tesla Motors and Space X, while steering a third, SolarCity to success in the solar market.

He is going to make one appearance in the coming weeks, however. Dave Itzkoff, culture reporter for the New York Times, revealed on Monday that Mr. Musk will be one of the first guests on The Late Show with Steven Colbert.

That appearance will take place on September 9. Mr. Musk’s interviews are usually interesting. This one, which will be a couple of weeks wither side of the release of the first Model X, could be a landmark indeed.

Mr. Musk says that the Model X will not get a big roll out, but will instead have its major features revealed as soon as it hits the road for the first time. Colbert’s Late Show could be a great place to show off the Model X to the world for the first time.

The TV star is likely to bring a lot of his young audience with him from his Comedy Central show, while at the same time setting up a big TV event with the launch of a major new late-night talk show.

It’s wishful thinking, but delivering the first Model X to Steven Colbert could be a PR coup for Elon Musk. There’s lots of reasons that isn’t likely, however.

Model X news on Colbert’s Late Show?

September 9 is likely the iPhone 7 release date, making it a very bad day to launch anything else.The release from Apple is certain to dominate the news cycle, and may even come up in conversation between Mr. Musk and Mr. Colbert on his Late Show appearance.

That may not stop Elon Musk from presenting the Model X, however. He’s known for his odd approach to product launches. He is the CEO who called a conference call, on short notice, on a Friday evening in order to unload a slew of Model S news.

He’ll be sharing his screen time with Scarlet Johannson and Kendrick Lemar, leaving very little room for any real insight into the Model X, and very little time for anything dramatic to unfold.

We’re not likely to see the Model X on Mr. Musk’s appearance on the The Late Show, though we might hear some news about it during his interview.

Model X release date is on the way

We know, by the nature of time itself, that there are fewer and fewer options for the release of the Model X. There are just 38 days left in the third quarter. If Elon Musk is going to stick to the Model X release date he has repeated so often, he’ll have to get the first SUV on the road in the next five weeks.

We know that the Model X release date is coming soon, but we’re still missing a lot of the key indicators that the SUV is actually coming. The Model X Design Studio, which Mr. Musk promised would open in July at one point, has failed to appear.

Unless Tesla Motors  has reached out to them secretly, those who ordered the first units of the Model X have had no way to pick the color of the SUV they want, the size of the power pack, or any other options.

Once Mr. Musk appears on Colbert’s show there will be just 17 days left in the quarter. That’s just enough time for Tesla Motors to deliver the 50 units of the Model X that Adam Jonas of Morgan Stanley reckons the firm will get on the road before the end of September.

If the Model X Design Studio isn’t open by then, of course, it will be clear that Elon Musk won’t get any open orders for the car delivered before the closing date he has set for himself.

The Founder Edition of the Model X may not use the Design Studio, and the first 50 Model X shipments that Adam Jonas expects, or the “handful” that Elon Musk has guided for, may be designed outside of the web platform.

Looking for the Model X

For the first clutch of Model X units Tesla Motors might contact buyers in a more direct way in order to keep the shipment a secret. Whatever the case, we’re sure to hear at least some news about the Model X when Mr. Musk appears in front of Colbert on September 9.

At that stage the final specs of the SUV will be the only thing that those holding shares in the firm will be able to think about. The Model X, and its first reviews, will have a massive effect on the future of Tesla Motors  and the future value of those shares.

Until then we can only hope that Mr. Musk will reveal something about the Model X on Mr Colbert’s show, and that he’ll let Wall Street, and the world at large, set its eyes on the first major EV SUV of all time.

The Model X is set to be something really special, and truly unique, but the market is starved for info about it. We’ll have to wait until at least September, at the rate Elon Musk is giving out info, before we get anything at all concrete on the next gen of SUV.

At least, if he reveals it on the Late Show, we’ll be able to see what Mr. Colbert, now out of character, thinks of Elon Musk and the Model X. In appearances on The Colbert Report Mr. Colbert was known to be hard on Musk. Now he drives a Model S. Let’s see if Mr. Musk upgrades him in a few weeks time.

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