Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Has First Free Model X Winner

Tesla Motors Inc Model X off road

Tesla Motors Inc  is giving away free Model X SUVs, and the first winner just came forward. In a video published on Monday Bjorn Nyland, a Model S owner famous for his videos about the car, revealed that he had won a free Model X through the Tesla Motors referral program.

Tesla Motors Inc Model X off road
A Tesla Motors Model X after some rough tests, presumably not the one Bjorn’s getting.

Mr. Nyland managed to get 10 sales through his link, and was given a free Model X for his trouble. We don’t yet know much about the Model X release date. The first EV SUVs are set to hit the road before the end of the current quarter, and Mr. Bjorn, who will get a unique founder version of the car, may be one of the first in line to get his hands on one.

Bjorn wins a free Model X

Here’s the video that Bjorn Nyland uploaded revealing that he was the first Winner of the Model X through the Tesla Motors referral program.

Elon Musk warned Bjorn over Twitter on Monday that he wouldn’t be able to claim the top spot if those that bought a Model S using his referral link didn’t follow through and accept delivery of the car. That means that he may not be able to get his hands on his free Model X for months.

If some, or most, of the buyers of the Model S that used his Tesla referral program link are in Norway shipment could take months, and that means he’ll be getting the free Model X long after the firm puts the first one on the road. Tesla Motors might make an exception for its biggest fan, but Elon Musk’s response on Twitter doesn’t make that seem too likely.

Tesla Motors Model X release date is close

Tesla Motors is planning for the shipment of a small number of Tesla Motors Model S SUVs before the end of September, but the firm won’t be able to ramp up production until the end of the fourth quarter, according to Elon Musk’s letter to shareholders after the firm’s latest earnings call.

More than 20,000 people have put down $5,000 in order to book the car and they, along with Bjorn, will be eagerly awaiting the first time it appears out of the hands of a Tesla Motors  employee. Elon Musk says that the Model X will sell as many units, give or take, as the Model S sedan.

In his recent letter Mr. Musk said he was expecting to ship and sell an average of 1,600-1,800 cars every single week next year. Adam Jonas of Morgan Stanley is looking for the firm to sell 50 units of the Model X by the end of the third quarter, and boost that number to 5,000 in the fourth quarter.

Elon Musk says that Tesla Motors won’t do a big event to mark the final design of the Model X. We’ll have to wait until the first one gets to its owner before we find out what’s going on under the hood, and how the second row of seats fits his “sculptural” description.

As soon as he gets his hands on the Tesla Motors Model X, Mr. Nyland is sure to fill his YouTube channel with footage of it in action across Europe. We’ll be waiting for that and, if the Tesla Motors marketing department has any imagination, the firm may want to get a car to him sooner rather than later.

Getting a free Tesla Motors Model X

Tesla Motors  says it will give out a total of three free Model X EV SUVs to those that manage to get 10 referrals before the competition. That’s easier said than done. Buying a $70,000+ car isn’t something that most people get to do lightly, and it’s not easy to convince them to do it so that you can get a free Model X.

Tesla Motors referral programThe above shows the app that tracks the verified referral sales. At the top is Mr. Nyland. He was the first to reach 10 and he won the free Model X that was reserved for people in Europe. There’s still a free Model X to be had for those in North America, and another for those in Asia.

No one else has more than 6 sales as of now, so, even if you just start today, there’s a chance that you could be the owner of a new Model X, and all for free, if you just convince ten people to buy a $70,000 car.

Tesla Motors wants you to sell the Model S

Here’s a look at the email that Elon Musk sent to each and every Tesla Model S owner announcing the referral program:

Word of mouth has always been a major part of how Tesla sales have grown. When I meet Tesla owners, one of the first things they often tell me is how they have convinced many others to buy the car.

As you may already know, Tesla does not advertise or pay for endorsements or product placement. Maybe by doing so we could sell more cars, but I don’t like the idea of trying to trick people into buying a product by false association. If you see somebody famous driving a Model S, it is because they genuinely like the car. If you see it in a movie or TV show, it is because the people associated with that production genuinely like the car.

Besides word of mouth, another way that our cars are sold is through stores. These will always be important to allow people to check out new models and ask our product specialists detailed questions. However, stores are quite expensive to set up and operate. In reviewing the Tesla cost of sales, we found that it is approximately $2,000 to sell a car through our stores, higher in some regions and lower in others.

Both ways of reaching potential customers are important, but, if we can amplify word of mouth, then we don’t need to open as many new stores in the future. So, we are going to try an experiment. This is similar to the customer growth program that I worked on at PayPal/X.com back in ’99. What worked for PayPal may not work for Tesla, but it is worth trying, as the net result would be lowering our costs by $2,000, allowing us to give that money to our customers.

From now through October 31st, if someone buys a new Model S through your referral, they will get $1,000 off the purchase price and you will get a $1,000 credit in your Tesla account, which can be applied to a future car purchase, service charge or accessories. To put some limits on the experiment, each Tesla owner can grant a maximum of ten $1,000 discounts.

Just for fun, there will also be some things that money can’t buy. If five of your friends order a Model S, you and a guest will receive an invitation to tour the Gigafactory in Nevada – the world’s biggest factory by footprint – and attend the grand opening party. This will be awesome. At ten orders, you get the right to purchase a Founder Series Model X, which is not available to the public, with all options free (value of about $25,000). The first person to reach ten will get the entire car for free.

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