Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) First “Ludicrous” Mode Reactions Appear

tesla motors model s Ludicrous Mode

Tesla Motors Inc  has finally put the first Ludicrous Model S units on the road. Those that got their cars to the Fremont factory early for an upgrade will soon reap the rewards. The new acceleration allows the Model S to go from 0-60mph in just 2.8 seconds. That, for those not familiar with cars, is race-car fast, and it’s terrifying to behold.

tesla motors model s Ludicrous Mode

A couple of lucky Tesla Motors fans managed to get inside a P90D at a Tesla Motors showroom in recent days. It’s not clear if there has been any shipments of the car just yet, or if those that opted to upgrade their P85D have received their Model S back. Some users have been able to test drive the new feature, however, and their reactions are stunning.

Tesla Motors “Ludicrous” reactions

Some of those that witnessed the high-acceleration Tesla Motors  Model S in action put their Ludicrous Mode reactions online in the Tesla Motors Club forums, or on Reddit.

enzo32ferrari on Reddit described their Ludicrous Mode reaction in contrast to their experience of Insane Mode, the downright lethargic 0-60mph in 3.1 seconds already on offer in the Model S P85D.

Enzo said, “the sensation of being pinned to your seat is stronger; I was in the passenger seat when the Tesla rep launched it; my stomach felt as if I was going on a straight drop on a roller coaster and my vision seemed to grey out for a bit. (This didn’t happen when I took the controls since I was expecting it; but I’m sure if I filmed my reaction it wouldve been like LOOOLOLOLOLLOL). “

USAFsparky at the Tesla Motors Club Forums, said “its all you can do to hang on to the wheel and keep your eyes open. I recommend making sure your seat is where you want it because that force will push you back in the cracks of your seat. The first time I hit 75 MPH, I had to let off and just pull over and think about what just happened. I should have eaten breakfast first because I was a little nauseous after the first run and the fact that I was still getting the blood circulation back to my face said a lot.”

Another user, who had not had time to post their Ludicrous Mode reaction, said that a source close to Tesla Motors informed them of health issues associated with Ludicrous Mode. southernbenz said “multiple passengers have reported various vasovagal/shock-type symptoms including temporary vision loss, temporary hearing loss, loss of consciousness, and other symptoms. Ambulances were called on two separate occasions to give medical aid to passengers.”

Once videos of people taking time out of their day to react to Ludicrous Mode begin to appear, we’ll be sure to post them, so that you can get a feel for the speed that Tesla Motors is putting on offer. For now text descriptions are going to have to do.

Elon Musk sells speed

Ludicrous Mode is a key among Elon Musk’s tools to stoke demand for the Model S. He’s looking to make the car better and better in order to build a new auto brand at Tesla Motors.

As more people become aware of the Model S, videos and descriptions of Ludicrous Mode reactions, like the Insane Mode reactions before them, attract a bigger group of people to the sedan. EVs have never been about really high performance and luxury, at least not before Elon Musk started selling them.

Tesla Motors has fallen behind its sales targets in 2015. The  Model X release date looks to be getting later and later. It’s clear that Elon Musk needs to show that demand will stay strong even as his firm hits various bumps on the road toward the mass market. Ludicrous Mode does just that.

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