Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Model S: Maxine the Mouse Loves Hers

Tesla Motors Inc has new sales support in the form of a children’s book. My Tesla: A love story of a mouse and her car tells the story of a rodent that loves EVs, and her red Model S in particular. The book was written by Joan Gratz, an Oscar-winning animator.

The book recounts the story of Maxine, a mouse that test drives the Model S and falls in love with the car. It extols the benefits of EVs in general and Tesla Motors in particular, and it’s a good sign for the future of the company, and demand for the firm’s cars in the years ahead.

Maxine Mouse loves the Model S

The reviews of My Tesla: A love story of a mouse and her car appear to be more informed by a love for Tesla Motors than by a relationship with the book authored by Ms. Gratz. One user, who reviewed the book back in October of 2014, wrote “my 6 year old granddaughter is convinced that all of her problems will be solved if she has a Tesla. She was completely captivated by the book, as was I.”

Maxine Mouse appears to be a great character for those that love Tesla Motors to live through and share their excitement with children close to them. That may be important for Elon Musk and Tesla Motors going forward. The firm’s ambitions are huge, and it may need all the help it can get in order to drive sales.

Some of those who reviewed the book on Amazon didn’t seem to understand the book. The only one star review reads, “I cannot believe I bought this book. Very disappointed. I flipped the very skinny book and than exclaimed, “that’s it?”” Children’s books, even those about the Tesla Motors Model S, tend to be short. It’s not necessarily a weakness.

Selling the Tesla Motors Model S

Tesla Motors will need all the help it can get in order to reach sales of 500,000 cars per year by 2020. Elon Musk reckons that the firm will reach that level by pushing the price of power cells down and trying to make the electric car appeal to more and more people.

Very few children hearing about the Tesla Motors Model S right now will be able to buy a car before 2020, but Ms. Graz’ book does more than inform kids about the boons of EV ownership. It also gives adults who love Tesla Motors a way to express themselves, even if they can’t buy a Model S.

Tesla Motors has become a cultural phenomenon, and the firm’s future will rely on its ability to capture the effect of the cultural impact made in recent years. Right now there are thousands of people out there who read about Tesla Motors all the time that simply can’t afford a Model S.

For many a $35,000 car will stretch the limits of their spending. The kind of people that shell out $8 for a paperback about a mouse that loves her electric car, or a Hotwheels version of the Model S, are the exact sort of people that will be willing to stretch their  budget in order to fund Elon Musk’s dreams.

They’ll be a key target in the years ahead. If Tesla Motors can keep them on side, Musk is much more likely to meet his demand goals, and make shares worth what they’re selling for today.

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