Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) “Almost Ready” to Unleash Autopilot Says Musk

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA)

Tesla Motors Inc  CEO Elon Musk is big on surprises. Early this morning in a tweet Mr. Musk said that his firm was almost ready to put self-driving features into the Model S via a software update. On the recent call that launched Ludicrous mode Mr. Musk said that he was testing the Autopilot features every single day.

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Tesla update 7.0 has long been looked for by fans of the company. Back in March Mr. Musk revealed that the software update would be launched during the Summer. Delays were thought to be likely because of the complex problems that the firm faced in getting the systems on the roads. Worries about delays seem to have been overblown.

Tesla Motors makes cars drive themselves

In a tweet this morning Mr. Musk said, simply, “Almost ready to release highway autosteer and parallel autopark software update.” That means that the Autopilot package that many drivers have paid for in their Model S will become useful for the first time.

Mr. Musk wasn’t clear about the timing of the release, but when there’s been no news on Tesla Motors the CEO has a way of making headlines.

He added that the biggest problems the firm has been having is in getting the feature to work on roads with faded lines in certain light conditions.

Mr. Musk’s tweet particularly addresses the lane-keeping and parallel parking functions of the Autopilot system. Those systems can already be found in cars from some other auto firms. The more advanced features that Mr. Musk promised on the March 20 call have not been confirmed just yet.

Twitter does have a limit on the number of words a person is allowed to share, and Elon Musk doesn’t tweet every little detail. He’s offering a teaser. When the update finally comes to cars we’ll see what it can do.

Tesla lines up for an awesome Summer

Tesla Motors stock has been in the doldrums in recent days, but the firm itself seems to be hitting deadlines like at no other time in its history. Rumors suggest that the Model X is going to come off of the line in Fremont, California for the first time in the coming weeks, putting it right on schedule for release by the end of the third quarter.

Autopilot coming in on time will make Wall Street think twice about the “execution risk” that the big ideas from Tesla Motors present.

If the Model X appears on time and the firm can get Autopilot to cars before the end of the Summer it seems that Elon Musk and the rest of his team have figured out the internal hurdles that have prevented it meeting deadlines in the past.

As Wall Street as a whole bets on the success of Tesla Motors for years ahead, a cleaning-up of the firm’s record on meeting its goals will be a boon to those with shares in the firm. The Model 3 is the car that will make Tesla worth its share price today.

For now, however, those with shares in Tesla and a Model S will have to content themselves with a software update that will cruise the highways for them. That should be reward enough for most, for the time being at least.

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