Tesla Motors, Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Model X Now on Sale in Australia

Tesla Motors Inc Model-X

Tesla is getting ready to unveil its Model X SUV EV in the next couple of months, and the sense of anticipation in the market is very high. In the United States, you’ll need to deposit $5,000 to order a Model X and first shipment doesn’t begin until September 30. Most of the Model X buyers that have paid the deposit will wait until 2016 before the see their vehicles.

Tesla Motors Inc Model-X

Tesla has reported that it has received deposits from more than 20,000 buyers. The strange part is that apart from sightings of prototypes and from leaks, no one outside of Tesla knows what the Model X will look and very few people know what the exact specs of the car will be. Tesla’s secretive nature and the fact that you don’t know what you are buying is adding to the charms of the Model X.

Australia Here Comes Tesla Model X

Now, Tesla is taking pre-orders of the Model X from Australia and it seems that Tesla’s SUV has what it takes to hit it big in Australia. Australia’s TMR (The Motor Report) reports that Tesla’s Australia head, Heath Walker has confirmed that the firm has started taking orders for the Model X in the country.

If you reside in Australia and you want to buy a Model X, you’ll need to shell out a $6000 deposit. The $6000 deposit is fully-refundable in case you change your mind before delivery starts about this time next year.

In the first quarter, Tesla sold more than 10,000 units of cars for the first time in its history and Elon Must revealed that the firm’s Australian sale was surprisingly good.

A Few Kinks to Straighten Out in Australia

One of the major issues that Tesla needs to sort out in Australia if it wants to hit big with that market is the creation of a robust supercharger network. In the United States, Tesla’s Superchargers have sprung up like wild daisies and it is easy to plan a cross-country trip without serious range anxiety. In fact, it has been reported that Tesla users who ran out of range mostly choose to run out of charge in a bid to have a first-hand experience of a Tesla’s limit.

However, Australia doesn’t yet have a vibrant Supercharger network. Tesla is already working this out as it plans to have a complete Supercharger network that will link Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane by the end of 2016.

Nonetheless, those that could afford to buy a Tesla won’t necessarily be bothered about range anxieties. A similar script played out the U.S. but the early adopters stuck with Tesla and fears about charging infrastructure are not really a major concern for Tesla stateside today. If Australians fall in love with Tesla, they will buy its cars with or without Superchargers.

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