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Tesla Motors Inc Model X Spied In Fremont, Misses Thanksgiving

Model X charging

Tesla Motors Inc  hasn’t delivered a single Signature Model X just yet, but it seems that there’s a lot of activity on the firm’s production line in Fremont, California. A source has furnished us with exclusive pictures of a full-sized, working Model X from outside the firm’s factory. It seems, from reports, that the production line is working away, though to no obvious effect for those who have bought the car.

Tesla Motors Inc Model X sneak peak

Above is a picture of the Model X outside the Fremont factory. The source that supplied these photos said that there was a whole lot of Model X activity on the factory line, so this fine example of the EV SUV wasn’t the only unit on display.

Tesla Motors Model X gets outside the factory

Tesla Motors Inc may not have shipped a single Signature Model X just yet, but the firm has gotten quite a few Founder’s Editions out to people close to the firm. It’s not clear just how many people have gotten their hands on the car just yet, but Tesla seems to have shipped a few more since the first units were sent out, amid great aplomb, on September 29.

Tesla Motors Inc Model X badge

A Tesla Motors Club thread tracking the progress of one of the very early Model X booking has yet to report a single shipment. The car in the picture above, however, doesn’t seem to have the Founder’s badge meaning that it may be a Signature Model X getting ready to ship or, alternatively, it may simply be a test version of the vehicle that Tesla Motors has around.

We weren’t able to get out hands on any info about second seat production inside the Fremont factory, but we were able to secure some images of the front seats of this particular Model X. There’s nothing too stunning in the front of the car, except maybe that massive windshield, but it does give a picture of what being in a Model X might be like.

Model X interior

The best picture might be, however, one that shows the big difference between the Model X and Model S.


This, as well as the first image in the article, shows how the Model X dwarfs the Model S. The profile of the EV SUV, and its closeness to the ground, can make it appear much smaller than it is, but it really is a large vehicle.

Tesla Motors Model X misses Thanksgiving

We know that Tesla Motors Inc   is able to make the Model X in small numbers, but the second row of seats in the car appear to be getting in the way of mass production. Elon Musk has brought the production of those seats inside the Fremont plant itself in order to get production moving.

Around 1,200 Signature buyers are waiting for shipment in the US, having already ordered their car. They’re going to have to wait at least a little bit longer before their EV SUV arrives. For those with a normal booking of the car nothing about the likely shipment date is really known at this juncture.

Tesla Motors allowed those people to begin to configure their car on the online design studio this week. The web platform gave an estimated shipment date of mid-2016, but we’ll have to wait for more contrete word from Tesla before putting any stock in that figure.

Seeing a Model X outside the Fremont plant, and hearing that the Tesla Motors team is at work on new units of the car inside, is good news for those waiting on the car. For those with money behind Tesla Motors, however, the lack of shipment has been causing issues.

Tesla Motors Model X delay hurts delivery numbers

There’s been a lot of talk on Wall Street about how crucial shipments of the Tesla Motors Model X are to the firm’s full year numbers. In the most recent earnings call Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk said that his firm would ship at least 17,000 cars in the three months through December.

So far in the third quarter just about zero units of the Model X have gone out. For Adam Jonas of Morgan Stanley, who though Tesla Motors Inc   would get more than 3,000 to buyers, and Dan Dolev of Jefferies, who forecast 5,000 shipments, that’s a big change to year end numbers.

It seems clear now that Tesla Motors won’t get the first Signature Model X to its buyer before the start of December. It’s not clear how many units of the car the firm will be able to ship before the end of the year, but it’s not likely to hit the numbers put up by Wall Street earlier this year.

Dan Galves of Credit Suisse, in a report issued on Wednesday, forecast that Tesla Motors won’t need the Model X to hit its targets. In a report that promised the firm’s January earnings report would clear up a lot of worries, Mr. Galves said that the Tesla fourth quarter would be helped by a couple of one-off demand spikes. Tesla Motors says it will ship about 50,000 cars for the full year 2015, but the firm has only shipped 33,000 or so through September.

As we’ve seen with the Model X, however, demand isn’t the real problem at Tesla Motors. The real question is whether or not the firm will be able to make enough units of the Model S to get to buyers before the end of the year. With just about a month left before January 1, the firm has its work cut out for it this holiday season.

Mr. Galves’ report appears to have been responsible for a massive 5 percent jump in the price of Tesla Motors stock on Wednesday. That rise supposes that Mr. Galves is right about Tesla’s deliveries in the fourth quarter. With the Model X absent at Thanksgiving, that may be hard to square with Tesla’s production numbers.

After all it’s clear that Tesla Motors  is using up production space on the Model X, but is yet to ship units of the car in the fourth quarter. We’ll have to wait until January, and Mr. Musk’s fourth quarter report, before we see how the numbers add up for 2015.

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