Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Makes Superchargers Temporary Service Centers

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Tesla Motors Inc. seems adamant on ensuring the safety and quality of its electric cars. The world’s leading EV manufacturer is recalling every Model S sold to date. This comes after the car maker discovered a slight fault with the passenger seatbelt. The electric car giant is said to have sold around 90000 Model S vehicles thus far.

According to a post on the Tesla Motors Club forum, however, Tesla Motors may have found a quicker and simpler way to do the inspections. The firm is, apparently, doing some inspections at Superchargers while Model S owners charge their car. A user on the forum reported that Tesla Motors service center employees were doing the inspection at the Super Charger in Tejon Ranch, saving drivers time, and saving the firm the ire of Model S buyers.

Tesla Model S faulty seatbelts

Owners of the Model S in Europe were sent an email urging them to return their vehicles for inspection. The statement was also posted on the company’s website. Tesla states that it recently found that the seatbelt of one Model S in Europe was not connected properly to its “outboard lap practitioner”. The discovery prompted an entire line recall to ensure the same fault was not present in other Model S cars.

“This vehicle was not involved in a crash and there were no injuries,” Tesla Motors assured. “However, in the event of a crash, a seatbelt in this condition would not provide full protection.”

Model S front seatbelts are fixed to the outboard lap practitioner. This is done through two bolted plates which are bolted together. It was found that the car in question had a bolt which was not properly fitted. This lead to the subsequent voluntary recall of every Model S sold.

It is worth noting that only one vehicle so far has been confirmed to have the seatbelt fault.

The move comes as an assurance of honesty and quality from Tesla, and most importantly, safety as well. The motor industry has recently been shook by a number of deception scandals from large and trusted vehicle manufacturers. The most recent of these would be Volkswagen’s diesel emissions scandal. The car giant was found to have purposely designed its diesel vehicles to conceal illegal emission.

Tesla Motors Inc , on the other hand, also said to be a big rival of Volkswagen, appears to to have come clean on its findings. Of course, the company had to do so. The consequences of the seatbelt fault coming out by other means in the future would have been a huge blow to the EV maker’s small but rapidly growing consumer base.

The Model S news was delivered and handled in a way that, on the surface, appears like the gesture of a trustworthy firm. This is more than what can be said for Tesla’s European rivals.

However, the Model S is not a first time recallee, so to say. January 2014 saw the Tesla vehicle being regathered due to a fault in software that allowed its charging adaptor to overheat. There is now a reported 90000 Model S cars currently on European roads. This makes the current recall the largest ever conducted by Tesla.

The Model S was launched in 2012. It is a luxury sedan that holds a 250-mile range between charges, performs like a sports car, and can seat up to six passengers. Its demand has seen a lot of growth in European powerhouses like Germany and Norway.

Tesla Motors Inc urges every Model S owner to book a visit to a Tesla service center in order for their vehicles to be inspected. Given the reported inspections at Supercharger, Model S owners my have their cars seen to sooner rather than later.

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