Tesla Motors Inc Model S Gets A Price (And Size) Drop From Matchbox

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Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) doesn’t advise that you let your kids play in your Model S, but the company is about to offer an alternative. Toy versions of the car from Hotwheels and Matchbox are on the way according to the Lamley Group, a blog that keeps track of diecast car models.

The new toys were spotted by Christopher DeMorro over at Gas 2.0. The toys from Hotwheels and Matchbox differ in a number of ways. The Matchbox version stays true to the stock Tesla Motors Model S experience while the Hotwheels car adds a bunch of styling that might make Elon Musk shiver.

Tesla Motors Model S gets a price (and size) drop

The Tesla Motors Model S has been lauded for many tech and auto developments, but the style of the car is almost as important. The Model S was the first EV that users could look at and call cool, while still having the room and the comfort to host a family. Now that cool has been recorded in die cast, a record of the impact of the car.

The Hotwheels version of the Model S can be seen in the above photo. It brings new paint, a sparkling silver, new wheels and a spoiler to the EV. Tesla Motors doesn’t offer any of those options on the car right now, and it’s not likely to start. The Matchbox version, which is in the photo below, is less showy.

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The stock Model S, in dark red paint, is the toy you’ll want to show off the reality of the Tesla. For those that can’t afford to buy a Tesla, even through the firm’s excellent CPO program, the die cast version might just have to do for the time being.

It’s not clear when the Model S toy will be on the shelves, but it is coming in limited quantities in 2015. Elon Musk says he wants to see 55,000 new Tesla’s, from both the Model S and Model X lines, on the road before the end of the year. He’s looking for more than 500,000 Tesla Motors sales in total before 2020.

Matchbox and Hotwheels aren’t likely to beat those numbers, even by selling the cars for $9.99 or so.

Tesla Motors Model S becomes an icon

The Matchbox and Hotwheels versions of the Tesla Motors Model S show that the car is quickly becoming embedded in pop culture. More and more television shows have a Model S on the set and more and more films are going to involve the car as a guest star. You can be sure that there’s a good chance Elon Musk himself will have a mini version of the car on his desk.

As soon as he worked out his idea for the Hyperloop, Mr. Musk had a team 3d print a miniature version to see how it would work. When another company goes out of its way to make a mini Model S, Mr. Musk will feel a little well-deserved pride.

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