Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA): Charging Etiquette Might Solve Superchargers Problems

Tesla Motors has a charging problem  that is exemplified by the long-wait lines at its some locations.  However, a family in Orzak, Ill., is trying in its own little way to help the firm solve its charging problem. An article on Tesla’s website talks about how Tom Wyse and Elizabeth installed a public charging station outside their Ozark residence for use by Tesla and other EV owners who might need to recharge their EVs.

Tesla Motors Public Charging

Elizabeth noted that they decided on the public charging station “not simply because this is the first one in town, but because 231 is a busy local highway and other EVs do come through.” The public charging solution that the Wyses offer might literately be a lifesaver for an EV driver on 231 someday. Interestingly, Tesla has a destination charging program where it partners with restaurants, hotels, resorts and shopping centers to provide Tesla wall connectors that patrons can use to charge their vehicles.

Elizabeth noted that people driving EVs usually plan their EV from one charging station to the next just like in the days of transition from horse and buggy to automobiles. She says, “They didn’t have a gas station on every corner in the old days… One had to plan their trip from gas station to gas station. With an EV, it’s really no different now than it was then.”

Writing the rules on charging etiquette

Tesla Motors Inc has 641 supercharger stations with 3,844 superchargers and the firm is planning to double its supercharger network in the next couple of years. Charging will continue to be a problem for Tesla going forward because of its ambitious plan to deliver 500,000 cars by 2018 and 1 million EVs by 2020. In the light of Tesla’s ambitious plans, it is important to create some rules on charging etiquette in order to reduce the load on its charging infrastructure.

You can charge your Roadster, Model S, or Model X overnight at home but many people seem to prefer a trip to the Supercharger in order to juice up the car in 30 minutes. The fact that Superchargers are conveniently located in malls, congested city centers, and stops on the highways makes it easy for people to schedule a trip to the supercharger while taking lunch or doing other activities.

Just yesterday, there was a news report about how not to use a Supercharger – a “Californian jerk” parked up his Model X across three Supercharger spots and nobody could access the superchargers until he moved his car. EVs are relatively new and EV owners are making up rules on charging etiquette on the go. One of the cardinal rules of charging etiquette is that you should not park your car in a way that makes it impossible for other users to access the adjoining superchargers.

Use Tesla Supercharger For Long-Distance Trips

Tesla Motors Inc is also trying to make people adopt another rule in the charging etiquette. Tesla has insisted that Supercharger should only be used for long-distance trips and that everyday charging should be done overnight at home. Most folks still prefer to use the superchargers for their daily runs and Elon Musk makes it a point of duty to remind them of the need not to hog Superchargers. Of course, Elon Musk has revealed that buyers of its mass-market Model 3 won’t have free access to the superchargers.

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