Consumer Reports Says Tesla Model S is Epic But Model X, Not So Much (TSLA)

Although there are a lot of opinions about electric cars, most would agree with this statement — the Model S from Tesla Motors Inc  is the best EV available today. It has won the world over again and again, and has the awards to prove it. The luxury EV is constantly compared to other high-end cars but the truth is that it moves relatively unrivaled in the auto market. Among the most respected product reviewers anywhere is Consumer Reports, which rated Tesla’s flagship sedan with the highest score it has ever given.

Tesla Model S reigns supreme

Tesla’s Model S is the U.S.’s leading luxury car. That’s not only in the luxury EV market, which the car maker clearly has an huge lead in. Yet of all the other elite car brands, from Porsche to BMW to Mercedes-Benz, the Model S stands far ahead as America’s best seller.

This hardly comes as a surprise when you take a look at the what buyers get for joining the to the Tesla family. The Model S has evolved into the great EV it is today, and demand has only risen year after year. Before the electric sedan came along, one would have never thought that luxury and performance could be instilled in an EV. The Model S swept up the world by proving that alternative driving does not mean that one has to sacrifice the pleasures of driving in order to save the planet. In fact, Tesla showed us the can actually be a step up compared to conventional cars.

Instilled in the luxury sedan today is the EV giant’s famous Autopilot tech. This allows the driver to enjoy a safe and relaxed hand-free driving experience. The same feature allows for easy Summoning of the car. The Summon feature allows Tesla drivers to command their car into or out of parking spaces with their car keys. Drivers needn’t even be in the car for this to happen. Tesla Motors is always looking for new ways to add new dimensions to luxury driving.

The most resent addition to the Model S is the hospital grade air-filtration system that comes with the latest update. Much like the Model X, Model S drivers can now enjoy cleaner air while they drive. However, the thing that clearly makes Tesla a desirable brand is the hidden torque hidden underneath the hood, or… the seats. Tesla EVs are able to completely defy their elegant looks and take a very fun and sporty persona. Capable of reaching 60 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds, the Tesla Model S surpasses most expensive supercars in terms of performance as well.

Tesla Model X isn’t up to standard – CR

Bearing this, it isn’t hard to figure out why the Model S is the best rated product available today, so Consumer Reports believes. However, though it truly does love the Model S, the reviewing entity simply isn’t too hot about Tesla’s recently released SUV. News this week reports of Consumer Report’s discontentment with the Model X. The car was described as clumsy, having great ideas and features that were poorly incorporated.

“In addition, there are manufacturing design issues. For example, the MOdel X’s uniquely curve windshield has resulted in double vision of headlights, taillights and streetlamps at night. The effect is distracting and tiring, and it make following distances difficult to gauge.”
The were numerous other criticAl points that ranged to the clumsy falcon wing doors to the poor heating system.

The Model X has only been out for a few short months and, to its credit, has been described by other reviews, including the drivers themselves, as the pinnacle of luxury on the road today. Tesla says most of the initial issues with the car have been resolved and aren’t wide spead. The news obviously put the the company in a bad light. In fact, shares dropped significantly this week in the wake of the news. However, they quickly bounced back in a matter of hours.

Tesla is known for another great thing as well– customer satisfaction. The EV company is unrelenting in its efforts to ensure that its buyers get the best service available. Numerous recalls have been made in the past, but these have always been dealt with swiftly and effectively.

“This commitment is one of the reasons why 98 percent of our customers say they will buy another Tesla as their next car.” Tesla wrote.

Turning to social media, Elon Musk tweeted that the cars reviews were early releases and most of the issues have long been dealt with.

Tesla Motors may seem like a struggling car producer at a glance, and it really is in some ways. However, its innovative approach to motoring and commitment to picking up the ball whenever it is dropped keeps the the car maker far above its rivals. Nearly 400,000 pre-orders have been set for the company’s upcoming EV, the Model 3. Despite its drawbacks, it is clear that Tesla only grows more popular with time.

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