Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Model 3 Problems Begin Creeping in, As Expected

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Model 3

Tesla Motors Inc recently admitted that its Model 3 EV will probably not meet production deadline set for it. The suggestion was made by CEO Elon Musk earlier this week. Speaking at Tesla’s Q1 earnings call on Wednesday, Musk explained that the company plans to start building its most affordable vehicle yet on the 1st of July next year. Although, the chief exec then said the company will likely miss the set date due to supply issues.

Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Model 3

The Model 3 currently stands to be Tesla’s most demanded car. This is most impressive when you consider that the EV is over a year away from being built. The affordable concept EV was unveiled less than two months ago yet preorders are already swelling around the 400 000 mark. Even Musk himself admitted that the world’s response to the Model 3 concept is overwhelming the company. Although the car’s demand should hardly come as a surprise when you look at what Tesla Motors promises buyers for just $35,000.

The exclusive Tesla brand

Right now the Tesla brand is among the most sought after in the auto market. The flagship Model S sedan reigns supreme as America’s best selling luxury EV. The sales gap between itself and other luxury cars from the likes of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porshe only continues to widen as its demand rises. Currently Tesla can push out 90 000 electric vehicles annually, the bulk of which can be attributed to its Model S. The recent Model X SUV, too, is highly desirable, with buyers willing to wait far over a year just to get their hands on one.

A lot of the desire for Teslas is built by the company’s unyielding effort to constantly push the boundaries of luxury driving. The EV maker’s cars come jam-packed with an arsenal of fun and exclusive features. Most famous is the unprecedented sportiness of every Tesla on the market. The Model S and Model X are capable of turning into unbelievably fast performers. Set to Ludicrous Mode, the sedan sibling is capable of going from 0 to 60 in just 2.8 seconds, adding a new dimension of fun to the already highly elegant EV.

For added convenience, Tesla owners can also Summon their cars into and out of garages and parking spaces. All this can be done without the need to be in the car either. This feature is derived from the company’s Autopilot tech, which allows for a safe, hands-free driving experience. But perhaps the EV firm’s biggest push at exclusivity is the HEPA hospital-grade air filtration system that comes with the Model X SUV and new Model S.

Telsa vents about safety

The company insists that the safety of its drivers is its number one priority. As such, Tesla likes to ensure that drivers are protected from most hazards likely to occur on the road. But according to the World Health Organization, the planet’s greater health threat is air pollution. Bearing this, Tesla Motors  sees it important to protect people from the “statistically more relevant hazard of air pollution.” The filter, recently added on the latest Model S as well, cleanses dangerously polluted air down to levels so low that the air can be rendered virtually free of any pollutants at all. This leaves the occupants of a vehicle with pure, clean air to breathe, free of chemicals, pollen, bacteria, dirt, viruses and mold spores.

You would be hard-pressed to find a car that’s any more luxurious, exclusive and comforting than one that assures you that the very air you breathe is purer than that of those driving around you.

It is this dedication to re-inventing motoring that makes the Tesla brand. And with the Model 3, joining the luxury brand will only set you back $35,000. With tax discounts for a limited number of people, 200 000 buyers worldwide stand to get the upcoming EV for much, much lower than the current going price as well. The U.S. electric car maker could never dream of turning all of its fans into buyers with its current pool of EVs. Both the Model S and Model X are undoubtedly every EV fan’s dream car, but their steep prices make then practically unobtainable for most.

Tesla Model 3 still too good to be true

That all changes with the Model 3 though. The car will be Tesla Motors’ most inclusive vehicle yet. This is perhaps the biggest reason behind the growing number of preorders: getting a Tesla for less. Though the car will cost less than half the price of a standard Model S, it will not at all be lacking, Tesla says.

Musk himself assured masses at the car’s reveal that the Model 3 would be 5-star in all aspects. It will be able to trek over 215 miles on a single charge, come with free Superchargers use and won’t be missing any of the sporty fun and autopilot tech seen on its high-end siblings.

Essentially, according to what we’ve seen and what we’ve been told, the Model 3 is an opportunity to get a grand new luxury Tesla for around $35,000. Bearing this, 400 000 preorders in under 6 weeks seems only a fair reaction.

The company now explains that it may not deliver the Model 3 on time, but deep down we all knew the chances of it coming along without a hitch were slim. The announcement only confirmed what  most Tesla followers already knew.

Tesla is still a young automaker and will likely take several years before it starts producing cars smoothly. Hoping the company would learn from its past production mistakes is one thing, and it seems that it has a little bit more to figure out. However, the automaker also produces less than a 90,000 car a years, and not without any difficulty either. Upping production is not in question. But expecting the car maker to deal with the ever rising demand of its Model S as well as the difficult to make Model X, and deliver an additional 400,000-plus Model 3s in a timely fashion would be expecting far too much of it

On the other hand, Musk assured the public that Tesla  will push out 500,000 EVs a year by the end of 2018. Once again, we hold light hope that the luxury automaker which has always promised much more than it can actually deliver reaches its production goals this time around. As per usual, having learned from Tesla’s trends, we’ll reserve room for disappoint.

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