This is Every Tesla Inc. Semi Truck Detail Known So Far (NASDAQ:TSLA)

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Want to know about the new Tesla Inc big rig? Well, you’re in luck, pal! Here is every detail about the teased semi truck.

Teasers have the EV world looking forward to Tesla’s next big unveiling. Our promising producer of luxury EVs is already set to disrupt the affordable car market. Now, the young automaker has decided to venture into the trucking industry. Here is everything we know so far.

Is Tesla building a Semi Truck?

Tesla Inc will reveal its first electric heavy rig on October 26th. The confirmation came from CEO Elon Musk himself via Twitter.

Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Semi Truck
Tesla Inc Semi Truck Teaser Image

Musk has not said a lot about the truck. Details have, however, leaked about the vehicle. They give people a good idea about what to expect.

The public has been told by CEO Elon Musk that Tesla is designing an all-electric semi truck. It will be produced through the help several major truck manufacturers. Range is pegged at 300 to 400 miles per charge.

Are people going to buy it?

Musk says people are already on-board, and the company is eager to showcase what they have come up with. They assure investors that they aren’t blindly entering the market either. “We have shown it to people,” Musk admits, “and they all love it.”

This assurance came during the company’s shareholders meeting in July. Truck manufacturers who show interest have been invited to help with the design. Musk says they have been “closely involved.”

Tesla Inc. does this to ensure it does not badly cater for the demands of the hauling industry. Getting potential buyers in on the design will see that the truck appeals to a wide range of fleet owners.

Who else is working on the design?

The company tells the public that they are not working on the new semi truck alone. It is expected that Tesla Inc will share who else helped at the unveiling.

Nothing else has been said about who is involved. FedEx is widely speculated to have a hand in the build. This is according to Adam Jonas and Ravi Shanker, two analysts who produced a joint report on the truck. Other partners may include XPO and Scheider National.

When is the Tesla Semi Truck going to be released?

Analysts expect the Tesla Inc. truck to be ready for sale in about 18 to 24 months. This was suggested by Musk, too, but the CEO not put out an official deadline. The general expectation is that Tesla will start selling the electric truck in 2020.

How much will it cost?

Researchers are mostly set on the truck going for about $100,000. That cost might exclude leasing costs for the large batteries. Interested buyers will likely be asked to put down a $5,000 reservation deposit.

The general opinion is that Tesla Inc is looking to offer fleet owners the conveniences of Autopilot, too.

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