Tesla Inc Model S Secures New Record While Range Concerns Flare

How far can a Model S 100D go on a single charge? Well, if you ask Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) for an official answer, you’d be told to expect about 330 miles. However, company fans in Italy smashed that guidance this week. Safe to say, they really pushed the car as far as it can go.

The start of this weekend features an exciting revelation from Tesla Owners Italia. The group drove the 100D variant of the flagship Model S sedan 670 miles. All that range was derived from a single charge too, securing an all-new record for the luxury sedan.

Tesla Inc is always out to prove something. The advantages that its electric cars offer over conventional, gas-power rivals is probably at the top of its list. Yet the list of achievements already under the company’s belt are numerous still. Consumer Reports, the Green500, and a host of other organizations constantly reaffirm Tesla as the best at what it does.

The Tesla fan base is always pushing the bar too, equally as obsessed to prove the superiority of their cars. Friday showed supporters secure a new range record on the company’s behalf. They pushed a Model S as far as 670 miles.

Admittedly, the record was not achieved without a slight change to the way Model S 100D was driven. The technique used to gain 1000 km is called hypermiling. This involves intentionally trying to get the most out of a your car by driving it a fuel-conservatively as possible. If you ask experts, that means driving your Tesla at about 26 miles per hour.

Tesla Inc Shares Used Model S
Tesla Inc Used Model S – Tesla

This is no surprise, though. Even gas car drivers know that moderate speeds are the best way to derive the most from their fuel tanks. Electric cars are no exception and in the case of the Model S 100D, it was enough to push it to 670 miles.

It is comforting to know that getting the most out of your tank depends on how your drive, and that even the most luxurious Teslas play by the same rules. Ahead of Friday’s announcement, the last distance record secured by the Model S was 560 miles.

The exact mileage scored by Tesla Owners Italia was 669.83 miles. That’s 1,078 km for those who do not care about miles. The record was also commended by Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk, who tweeted his congratulations to the group. Musk was excited that his Italy fan base broke the record for the first ever EV to crush the 1,000 km mark.

“Officially verified as the first production electric car to exceed 1000km on a single charge!” he tweeted on Friday. “Congratulation Tesla Owners Italia!!”

Tesla Inc Model S range under fire

Model 3 design interior

The range on the Model S has been under fire as of late, especially the entry level vehicle. This week, it came to the fore that the new Model 3 can surpass the range of the entry level Model S. At the car’s unveiling, Musk said about 310 miles per charge can be derived for an added $9,000. That would admittedly put the car in the mid-$40,000 range, but its still a lot lower than the over $70,000 75D Model S. Also, the latter car can only reach about 250 miles.

The concern is that the Model 3 will easily dig into Model S sales. More than a third of the Tesla buyer base has reserved the new sedan. It shows that the company is great at retaining its buyer base, but that the newer and cheaper model has an undeniable allure.

Besides, who is willing to skip out on getting a new Tesla at the fraction of the cost of their existing Model S? Seems like the next few years will make the Model S sedan the next Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) flagship.

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