Tesla Inc Model 3 Will Not Get 200,000 Buyers Per Year After Reservations

Tesla Model 3
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Tesla Inc. (”NASDAQ”:”TSLA”) garners a great deal of support from California. The state has not been showing much support for the company as of late. This is evidenced by the dismissal of the famously dubbed Tesla Bill, or AB-1184. Its removal puts the Model 3 sedan in danger of losing buyers.

The bill, which backed the success of Tesla and other electric car makers in the Calif., is now considered a study. For the most part, it is as good as dead. This leaves a massive problem from Tesla, which secures many buyers with the allure of additional tax discounts. For the Model 3, the belief now is that getting 200,000 buyers per year beyond its current reservations will not be possible.

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Model 3

The “Tesla Bill” was diminished a lot in recent weeks. It was removed of relevant funding and taken down a few notches in importance.

Under its revision, the State Air Resources Board needs to submit a report stating how it plans to run car incentives programs for zero and low emission cars. This has to be done by January 1st 2019. SARB will need to touch on both zero and low emission cars and their distinct tax benefits. The organization must also state changes in the program that are needed to encourage the adoption of zero-emission cars.

Beyond that, it seems a great sum in rebates benefiting Tesla is off the table now. The Elon Musk company derived significant benefits from previous revisions, but it was counting on state to help it outlast the governmental fade out of credit.

Less people will want the Tesla Inc Model 3 without tax credits.

Tesla is in imminent danger of losing Model 3 buyers beyond the half a million it has already secured. The $7,500 rebate benefits are set to run dry over the next 6 months. The business is projected to hit 200,000 Model 3 shipments by the end of the third quarter of 2018.

Events are based on the company’s publicized projections for vehicle production rates until December. Tesla Inc. (”NASDAQ”:”TSLA”) now aims to deliver as many as 2,000 cars per week moving into 2018.

Tesla’s production guidance supports the assumption that 200,000 vehicles will be delivered byto October 2018. This marks the end of the $7,500 tax credit and the $3,750 tax benefit comes into session a quarter later. This lesser tax discount will plays out similarly to the first.

If 200,000 vehicles are sold by October of 2018, then the first calendar quarter after that will continue to have the $7,500 tax credit (through to December of 2018). Then the first and second quarters of 2019 will get the $3,750 tax credit, and the third and fourth quarters of 2019 will get the $1,875 tax credit. Starting in the first quarter of 2029, unless Congress acts, there will be no more of that tax credit for Tesla.

Yes, Tesla will not have federal tax credits to offer for the Model 3 beyond 2019.

Other carmakers are not going to burn through their tax credits as fast as Tesla. General Motors manufactures the Tesla Model 3’s closest rival, the Chevy Bolt. Considering the steady buildup of Bolt sales, Tesla Inc. will find itself out of Model 3 tax credits while GM still offers $3,750 tax credits on the Bolt.

This will hinder Tesla’s ability to push through more than 200,000 Model 3 deliveries per year. The affordable Tesla Inc. (”NASDAQ”:”TSLA”)could find itself unable to break from a niche purchase among low-cost electric car fanatics. Although, that is only if mass adoption fails.

Let’s not be negative.

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Mvusi Ngubane


  1. “Tesla Inc Model 3 Will Not Get 200,000 Buyers Per Year After Reservations” I think far too many articles mislead the public. intentional or not, it still is misleading. Perhaps a less sensational choice of words. MAY NOT would be more accurate than WILL NOT. Time will tell.
  2. Why do people with no clue write articles about the future making predictions? Does this author have any record of ever being right in their predictions? Fact is that Tesla’s goal has ALWAYS been to make cars that are better cars than anyone else is making, period. Tesla has never aimed to make the best EV or to make cars that would sell if tax credits were given. Tesla did not take 30% of the $70,000 + luxury market in America in five years because of tax credits. Fact is that new reservations for the Model 3 are running at 1,800 a day with most of these people knowing that they will not get much or any tax credit, but also knowing that they will get the best car available for their money, period, when their Model 3 arrives.
  3. Tesla will sell at least one million Model 3s per year after 2019. The global vehicle market is 90 million per year. You think Tesla can’t get 1% market? EVs will be better and cheaper than ICEs. Why it’s so hard for Tesla bears to see it coming?


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