Will the Rumored Microsoft Surface Phone End the iPhone Era?

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)

Microsoft Corporation is serious about taking on Apple and Samsung in the smartphone race.  The rumored specs of the upcoming Surface Phone suggest that it is miles ahead of Apple’s iPhone 7.

Microsoft has not officially confirmed the Surface Phone even though a tweet from Microsoft Australia has hinted that the device is in the works. Nonetheless, a new patent filing suggests that the Surface Phone will be Sui Generis with a unique fingerprint scanner. The patent application shows that Windows Hello is just one of the many ways in which Microsoft is planning to upend mobile security.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Surface Phone Rumors

Microsoft takes fingerprint security to another level for the Surface Phone

Microsoft has filled patent for a concept biometric feature that provides a screen-based fingerprint scanner for its Surface Phone, Surface Pro, Surface Book, desktop monitors and other devices. The implementation of the biometric feature will make it easy for people to unlock the Surface Phone by placing their finger anywhere on the screen.

The working of the on-screen scanner is very simple and practical. The firm says ““The transparent cover may guide light used to illuminate ridges of the finger in contact with the transparent cover. An image of the fingerprint may then be captured (or detected) using a filter (e.g., a filter layer) to selectively allow certain rays of the light scattered by the fingerprint ridges to reach a detector.”

The only problem that the patent filing doesn’t address is how to ensure that the phone doesn’t unlock itself every time you pick it up and your finger touches the screen.

The unique feature will turn the screen of the Surface Phone into one giant scanner and it will eliminate the need for a dedicated home button. The firm has also revealed that the biometric feature will work on both LED and AMOLED displays; hence, there’s a high chance the feature will be present in the Surface Phone.

The best part is that the Surface will be much thinner than rival devices if it doesn’t have a dedicated home button and fingerprint scanner.  Part of the filing says, “thinner electronic devices may be achieved through the cover-based detection techniques. Use of the transparent cover as a waveguide (or light guide) avoids adding any thickness to those devices already relying on the transparent cover as the external surface of the display module.”

Analysts think Microsoft could hit the jackpot with Surface Phone

Microsoft has practically lost the mobile wars to Apple’s iPhone and devices running Google’s Android. Nonetheless, the surprising success of the Surface line suggests that the firm could have one last chance at getting a foothold in the mobile market.

Analysts at Jackdaw Research think that the Surface Phone could find a home in the enterprise market and it success in the enterprise market might trickle down into the consumer markets. In the words of analysts, “there are still lots of companies using Microsoft devices and management software fairly exclusively, so there’s likely something of an opportunity there,

If the Surface Phone is as impressive as the Surface Pro, Satya Nadella might need to worry more making enough phones to meet the demand. The analysts noted that “they’ve demonstrated with Surface that they’re able to mine some new niches in other markets and they might be able to do the same thing with business-centric phones.”

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