Apple Inc (AAPL) iPhone 7 Eclipsed by Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Hype

Those looking to get their hands on the year’s most premium smartphone will likely find themselves choosing between the Galaxy Note 7 from Samsung and upcoming Apple Inc.  iPhone 7. Tech analysts suggest that this year’s iPhone will fall short in comparison to the latest edition of the Galaxy Note series. However, only a clash between two released gadgets can fairly determine a winner.

This hasn’t stopped the consumer tech world from speculating though. Weighing their options, many premium handset users are considering either buying the soon-to-be-released Galaxy Note 7, or waiting to  see what the 2016 iPhone will offer.

Samsung Galaxy v Apple iPhone 7 (AAPL)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was recently unveiled and is currently available for pre-order.

The iPhone 7 is due to be showcased in a month, with pre-orders suspected to open around the 9th of September. The Note 7 is Samsung’s most premium and high-end smartphone. It is already raking in great reviews and basically stands as the perfect device for “anyone is search of a powerful yet elegant smartphone”.

Unveiled not too long ago, the Note 7 is nearly unrecognizable when compared to its series predecessor, the Galaxy Note 5. A Galaxy Note 6 was naturally expected for 2016 but Samsung took a leap on their naming convention. Experts suspect the company aims to better position the series with this year’s iPhone 7. A lower number in the name might have handed Apple’s device the psychological advantage. The titling also offered Samsung a fair reason to give the Note series an impressive face-lift. Hitting the nail right on the head, the Note 7 truly looks as though it is generations ahead of last year’s model.

The amount of thought put in the naming and look of the Note 7 alone suggests that Samsung is in it to win it. Even though the company hasn’t publicly admitted anything, the iPhone is undeniably Samsung’s greatest handset rival. Apple raked in over 90 percent of all smartphone profits globally. Samsung comes in second, even though the brand is a lot more widespread around the world.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the phone’s most striking feature. The curved front and rear “make it visually impressive and comfortable to hold.” This is McGregor’s opinion. Which is backed by a few other reviewers, including Android Authority and Tech Times. Samsung has very deftly crammed more capabilities in the Note 7. This was done with increasing is size. In fact, the design is slimmer than that the Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung gives the Galaxy Note 7 a larger 5.7-inch display and kept the device as small as possible.

High Dynamic Range tech that Samsung instilled in this device is a huge reason to pick it over any other in the smartphone market. The company has taken the HDR from its high-end screens and transferred its use onto smartphones. The screen tech allows for greater color distinctions. On the Note 7, blacks are deepened while bright colors are intensified. Samsung puts out the best AMOLED screens in the market and they’ve always featured magnificently on their phones. The Galaxy Note 7 is no exception.

The iPhone 7 may feature screen enhancements, but sources like Forbes’ Jay McGregor and iDigital Times expect nothing that with eclipse Samsung’s display tech.

Apple Security

The security features of the iPhones are well recognized. Qualities like its Touch ID tech have put the phones’ privacy rating well above most market rivals. A Chinese smartphone rival, Huawei, has since taken the lead with its fingerprint readers but 2016 has also broken out handsets with security measures beyond print scanners though. The Galaxy Note 7 is among these an features Samsung’s first-gen iris scanning tech.

The eye trumps fingerprints tenfold, because we touch everything and leave them everywhere. Prints are thus easier to replicate. We suspect the lengths that someone would have to go to in order to replicate an iris are bit extreme.

Other points to look out for is the revamped S-Pen, keeping the Note series true to its name. The reintroduction of expandable storage is a great plus as well. Forcing buyers to dig out an extra $100 for a larger capacity device is something the like of the iPhone won’t be able to pull off for much longer.

The Galaxy Note 7 is available for pre-order and will be out in Asia within the next 5 weeks.

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