Nvidia Attempts to Push Lawsuit Surrounding Cryptocurrency Mining Revenues

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Nvidia is a graphics card developer that has been in a bit of a bind since cryptocurrency and Bitcoin mining has blown up over the past few years.

As you may know, Bitcoin mining takes up a lot of power, and it needs high-end graphics cards to do so properly. Nvidia, as a manufacturer of such cards, is the ideal choice for many miners. However, because these cards weren’t exactly designed for mining, many of them failed quite quickly.

Now, they’re being sued for something similar, in that the company was leading its investors to believe that a big boost in graphics card sales was not due to cryptocurrency mining at all. On top of this, it appears that Nvidia lied about where its sales were coming from, claiming that its ill-performing “Crypto SKU” mining chip was doing much better than it actually was.

To hide this fact, it appears that the manufacturer was combining its crypto-related statistics with its gaming ones, even though the mining industry was doing quite poorly at that time.

Essentially, investors are calling out Nvidia and asking for them to come clean about their performance. However, Nvidia is coming back at them, asking for the case to be dismissed entirely. It appears that the accusors are picking out specific quotes and phrases from reports to make these claims, which, of course, Nvidia denies.

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