Apple Inc. (AAPL) Gives You Extreme App Speeds: New iOS 10 Thinks Ahead

Apple Inc (AAPL) iOs 10

Apple Inc. is already turning heads with the next generation of its in-house operating system. The upcoming iOS 10 is the big buzz for the company’s fans right now. Never overbearing, the U.S. tech giant has shared just enough of the system’s key attributes to build its appeal. This week, the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) did a great job of highlighting some interesting iOS 10 features.

Apple Inc.

There are, however, other ways in which the next edition of iOS can give Apple device users a smoother experience. While Apple focused on the improved messaging qualities of iOS 10, there are actually a lot of other things that go on behind the screen.

Apple iOS 10 keeps your device at optimum performance

Today every tech company is intent on displaying the on-screen happenings on their gadgets at the best resolution possible. If you thought 4K, you’re right on the money. From the big shots at E3 — Sony and Microsoft — to top handset producers and just about every other maker of consumer electronics that is worth their salt. The aim is not only achieving optimum res, but keeping your device at that level of performance throughout.

The soon-to-arrive iOS 10 will have a hand in keeping devices running smoothly and at its most suitable. How? Simply put, rather than loading items as you scroll, the items that the APIs assume you’re looking for will load faster.

It’s likely that most smartphone users have scrolled super fast through an app and saw in lag as it tries to keep up. This is often called dropping frames. Apple explains that the reason why the frame rate is sacrificed is because most blocks of data are loaded just milliseconds before they show up on your screen. Scroll too fast, or run too many items at the same time, and your device will find it hard to throw content at you at the rate you want it.

Addressing this, the maker of the iPhone has made sure that the cells you’re scrolling though load well ahead of when they need to appear onscreen. This works the same for content that has already been scrolled through, keeping in loaded in case you wish to scroll back to something. This will go a long way towards keeping your gadget at 60 FPS, which Apple say is ideal.

IOS 10 – simple for users and developers

Apps with more than one column will also get a bit of a revamp to how they load. Currently, they too load at a single column at a time. IOS 10 will usher in a change to that, though, similar to how single column apps will be loaded as well. Columns will be loaded well before your get to them.

For developers, the new platform offer almost changes. IOS 10 simply accommodates the app and presents it the way it sees fit. As long as the apps are designed to the new iOS, Apple Inc.  says they be a lot smoother and faster regardless of whether their designers had that in mind.

However, if developers don’t want the new apps, they can do away with the platform changes with a single line of code.

Apple WWDC opens new chapter

Up until a few short days ago, the world was still wrapped up in the capabilities of iOS 9. Since Monday the software has been more or less viewed as old news. Although, the worlds most successful company wouldn’t have it any other way. That is exactly how Apple wants it. Friday serves as the last day of the WWDC. The event is more that mere showcasing on Apple’s part. Its WWDC also acts as the company’s annual phasing out of prior year tech.

Moving forward, the tech world can now look forward to acquiring the next generation of Apple gadgets.

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