Netflix, Inc. and Amazon.com, Inc. Aren’t as Original as They Think

Netflix Inc (NASDAQ:NFLX)

Netflix, Inc.  and Amazon.com, Inc. are going head to head this season. The streaming giants appear to be pitting their newest and biggest season productions against each other by launching the shows on the same day. Netflix has put a lot of effort into promoting its new hero series Marvel’s Jessica Jones. Amazon, too, invested a lot of ad dollars into The Man in the High Castle, its latest history sci-fi. What’s most interesting about this series showdown is that both shows are directed at more or less the same audience.

This battle of productions is unlike normal TV rivalries. For decades, shows on television have been subjected to time slot battles. This is when two popular shows are placed in combat for more views by airing at the same time. Such competitions are always interesting to keep an eye on, but have grown increasingly irrelevant with the rise of DVRs.

Today, people can catch up on their favorite shows at any time, regardless of when they are shown. This also makes the clash between Jessica Jones and The Man in the High Castle slightly insignificant in its initial days. The two productions will still be available for streaming from the day they are premiered to months after their finales. So Amazon.com, Inc. and Netflix are slightly in clear of each other. However, two major shows premiering on the same day still hints at competition.

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Hulu, another great streaming platform, mostly sticks to its own airing schedules. Hulu mainly keeps the conventional TV approach as well, adding new series episodes weekly in stead of placing them up in bulk. In fact, the three stream giants usually try their best to keep their shows clear of each other. This is why two large shows from Amazon and Netflix launching on the same day has drawn some attention.

Jessica Jones and The Man in the High Castle are massive productions that are likely to match up as rivals. Even if there aren’t complete parallels to them, comic book and sci-fi fans hold similar tastes, which both shows cater to.

Netflix Shows Trump Amazon.com’s

Netflix, Inc. has a number of great series under its belt. Jessica Jones is brilliant, but takes a back seat compared to other great productions from the streaming giant. Both it and Amazon hold the same method of developing shows, giving people the go-ahead to put a series together with very little input from the companies. However, Netflix has had more success with this method than Amazon.

In comparison to Netflix, The Man in the High Castle stands to be the best action drama produced by Amazon so far. Shows from Amazon rarely reach beyond mediocre accolades. And its latest history sci-fi starts off slow, only picking up after a few episodes.

So in terms of this series showdown, Netflix is likely to take the crown. But this won’t entirely be because either show trumps the other in quality. Rather, Netflix has gathered viewer confidence in its shows. The company has been making creative and original content long before Amazon jumped into the scene. Netflix has many award-winning shows in its trophy case, from Orange is the New Black, to two already top-rated Marvel productions.

If there is one thing you can count on Netflix, Inc. to do well, it would be streaming good content. That is the company’s MO. Amazon, on the other hand, isn’t particularly bad at this either, but does have its hands in a whole lot of other things. That’s great when it comes to being a jack of all trades, but great TV requires a level of dedication which Amazon.com, Inc. can’t offer just yet.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones and The Man in the High Castle can be streamed on Netflix and Amazon respectively from Friday the 20th of November.

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