Need Tesla (TSLA) Supercharging? AGL Energy Can Fuel Model 3s For Just $1

Pre-order customers may soon realize that the upcoming Model 3 from Tesla Motors Inc will not be their chance to join the EV elite at a discount. Instead it would be the opportunity to drive a luxury EV with all the real Tesla benefits sold at an extra cost.

The car itself is still over a year away from being built but has already drawn in around 400,000 hopefuls. Going at an assured $35,000 at its most standard, the Model 3 concept promises to be Tesla’s most inclusive car yet. But the EV company is already “stumbling” onto some of the more impossible aspects of its Model 3 plan. As we move closer to its release, EV fans might start to see the Model 3 as a slightly different car from the one they were led to expect.

AGL Energy can charge your Tesla Model 3

But it isn’t all that bad. It looks like alternative solutions have risen to compensate for Tesla’s latest let-down with the Model 3. An offer has just arisen from AGL Energy, who would like to give electric car owners access to unlimited daily charging for just $1 a day.

The upcoming service from AGL is extended to all electric car owners across the market. Owners of high-end EVs like the Model S, Model X and BMW’s i3 can gain unlimited refueling. Those who drive Nissan’s Leaf will not be excluded either. Even owners of the Toyota Prius can subscribe to the service. AGL Energy plans to start doing this at the start of November.

But why would Tesla owners want to spend money on a recharging service while able to access the company’s global network of Superchargers for free? Well, it turns out Tesla’s next electric car won’t be as accommodating. Tesla recently shared that the Model 3 concept will not come with free Supercharger access. Unlike the EV giant’s high-end customers, those who buy its mid-market vehicle will have to chose between taking free Supercharging at an additional cost, or paying every time they wish to power up their cars.

Elon Musk made a promise

CEO Elon Musk explained how the company would have just loved to give its mid-market buyers a discounted “5-star in all categories” Tesla. However, free access to company’s free refueling stations can’t be made a standard option because its engineers can’t figure out a way to make that aspect of the Tesla experience cheaper as well.

The news was a definite shock to Tesla fans. Most effected were those who had already laid down their $1,000 deposits to get the upcoming car. Surely the cost-saving benefits of not having to pay in order to refuel your $35,000 Tesla was huge influence for its near 400,000 worldwide orders. The promise came straight out of Musk’s mouth at the car’s unveiling.

“There reason Supercharging is so important, as many of you know, is that it gives you freedom of travel,” the CEO said at the unveiling. “It means you can conveniently go where you want, when you want, how you want. And a lot about having a car is about freedom. It’s about going where you want to go and so the Superchargers are critical to that.”

The cost of supercharger use for the Model 3 is to be determined. However, if Model 3 hopefuls are already racking their brains for alternative means to recharge their Tesla, they could for AGL Energy’s $365-a-year offer.

AGL as a viable option

AGL Energy’s CEO spoke to Austrailia Energy week. “For a dollar a day if you have an electric vehicle and you have an AGL smart meter and a charger you can get energy for that car for $1 a day, as much as you like.
The energy solutions company is breaking into new ways of gaining relevancy, as well as profit streams, in the growing EV market. Unlimited charging is merely one of the many ways in the firm is planning to boost its revenues and build demand for its energy products.

The company’s plan goes hand in hand with Musk’s suggestion that is impracticle to drive in order to get your Tesla charged. Musk has always asserted that is best for EV owners to recharge their cars where they recharge their phones. And whom among us would be willing to go to a gas station every time their smartphone powered out?

AGL Energy plans to either install a charging station for subscribers or just supplement existing home chargers with its own power. EV home chargers themselves can cost up-wards of $1,000.

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