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Why A Model 3-Focused Tesla Inc. Must Improve Quality (NASDAQ:TSLA)

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Tesla Inc. stock is up 64 percent this year. The recent retreat in share value seems to lighten this week, too. Stocks start Monday’s trading in the green, up some 0.5 percent during pre-trade. While investors focus on company shares, they might also want to focus on customer care. This is especially true for the mass market Model 3, which is already getting mixed reviews. Tesla is rife will quality concerns from end-buyers. Can the company’s poor servicing department hinder its car business?

Tesla Inc. might want to give a bit more consideration to customer satisfaction. The company is moving into a wider playing field with its Model 3. The car’s release means affordability for end-buyers, at least initially. This is made possible by the firm slapping a $35,000 price tag on the new sedan. But Model 3 complaints are ridden all over the internet. That is even though the car is yet to complete 2 months on the road. Talks about high cost repairs and quality control are taking center stage. If Tesla does not make service quality control a priority, it could find itself at odds with Model 3 reservation holders.

It is not a secret that the Model 3 is Tesla’s most inclusive car ever. CEO Elon Musk calls it the first truly affordable mass market electric car. Renault’s Nissan division might disagree, but there is a clear market backing the chief exec. This is evidenced by the car’s half a million-long waiting list. People are clearly eager to have one. However, they might think again after looking at what complainers have to say about the affordable Tesla Inc. car. A quick glance at forums and social networks reveals disgruntled owners and high repair costs.

The Tesla Inc. complaints

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Otmar Ebenhoech goes by @CafeElectric on Twitter. He recently posted about seeing his first Model 3. athe car looks extremely neglected, according to him. Ebenhoech expressed his disappointment about how the car ages. “I guess they are old cars now,” Ebenhoech said via a tweet. Granted, that was just one Model 3 and the owner could very well be careless. However, in their collective form, isolated reports like these hold weight.

It does not stop on Twitter either. Even the company’s forum is ridden with complaints for those willing to look. With all the negative reviews coming through, one user of the forum expressed unlikeliness to see his reservation through. The user now sees owning a Model 3 as a “nightmare”. This is based on what the user considers to be outrageous maintenance stories and other deterrents. If this particular user is on the list as she claims, and is second-guessing her reservation, how many others are doing the same?

Tesla Inc. defenders are also in no shortage. However, they cannot deny the painfully bad quality issues that come up from time to time. Such concerns were around long before the Model 3 came about, too. For instance, the Model X SUV has a recurring complaint about a rattling noise coming from the suspension. One user posted a picture which depicts a gaping hole in the aluminum of his passenger-side A-pillar. Worse yet, he says the crack was discovered after four days of owning his Model S sedan.

Tesla forums might be the last place buyers wish to look for encouragement to buy the company’s EVs. There is another Model S owner who complains about his four month-old Model S blowing hot air from the AC. We suspect he is a heavy user of the feature. Another popular problem among Model X owners scores a lot of attention on the forums. Apparently, the electric SUV tends to display a shutdown warning at random, then shuts down for real even on a full charge.

Leave Tesla Inc. Model 3 alone!

It would be a fair comment to say that such issues are not unique to Tesla Inc. cars. Every automaker has its fair share of faulty vehicles and electrical problems. Perhaps the built sense of community allows minor complains to gain such exposure. But Elon Musk makes no excuses for the company’s ambitions. He assures investors that half a million cars will roll out per year by 2018’s end. Given the platform he has given his customer base, if would be wise for the firm to care more about buyer satisfaction.

It happens every few months or so. A scandal about poor comes along and Tesla Inc. .

This is not one of those stories, though, only a word of caution about the entry-class vehicle buyer base Tesla is raking in. There is no doubt that the bulk of the Model 3’s buyer base is made of fans who previously could not afford a Tesla EV. The incoming buyer base has shorter pockets and prize value for money.

Is the young auto company quality ready to fully cater to lower-income buyers? Or, is it the incoming buyers who should know what they are signing up for? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Tesla’s customer satisfaction rating is more than healthy. Many owners vow never to revert to a combustion engine car. That says a lot about the cars the company makes. If customer care was a greater priority, who knows how well the firm might be doing?

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