Microsoft Demands Trump Change Immigration Ban

The presidential administration of Donald J. Trump got a request from Microsoft Corporation this week. The American software giant has asked the presidency to exempt workers of American businesses from the recently implemented immigration ban. In an open letter, the company’s Brad Smith — president and head legal executive — appealed for the new administration to allow workers and students, that are sponsored by either a U.S. university of company, to travel between banned countries in the instance of “pressing needs.”

The recently settled in Donald Trump administration has wasted no time. Following his inauguration, the president began passing bills set to change the way specific people gain access to the country. Trump is adamant that his executive orders have won him favor among most Americans. However, an overwhelming number of ordinary U.S. citizens, news outlets and popular figures have taken to their platforms with complete disapproval regarding these actions.

Taking center stage at the moment is the recently imposed “immigration ban”. Under the presidential order, people from selected, predominantly Islamic nations are barred from moving freely between their countries and the U.S.

Microsoft expressly appeals Trump make changes

Although not the first major company to voice its concerns, Microsoft penned an open appeal to the presidency on Thursday. The tech firm requested certain procedures to be put in place to grant re-entry for recognized travelers with urgent needs.

“There currently are law-abiding visa holders who are parents that were outside the United States last Friday,” smith expressed. “[They] cannot re-enter the country. These parents are stranded and separated from their children. Other individuals are confronting genuine family emergencies such as the need to visit a critically ill parent.”

Microsoft cited over 75 of its workers that are effected by last Friday’s executive order. They have non-immigrant visas that permit them to hold residency in the U.S. An order now forbids this group of MSFT employees from being reunited with their 41 dependents. However, the company also recognizes that it is not the only organization facing troubles from the ban. It has expressly proposed for “limited but important” measures to be put in place to address these issues. The firm believes that this can be done without harming national security.

microsoft corporation (MSFT)

Microsoft acceptance criteria

Microsoft has suggested that specific criteria be met to allow deserving people who are now barred from the America to re-enter the nation. They are as follows.

The applicant can form part of 3 distinct categories. The first requires him or her to already have a legal non-immigrant work visa. It has to be sponsored by an American employer who is signed up for the E-Verify program — set to ensure the responsible use of Visas. The next category applies to people who are in possession of an F-1 student visa. These students need to provide valid documents and prove that they are in good standing with their respective U.S.-accredited universities. The last category apples to individuals who are immediate family members to the people of the first two categories. They, too, need to hold varying non-immigrant visas.

Microsoft proposes more criteria in addition the above categories. Applicants must be free of any criminal record in the U.S. The reason for travel must be an urgent family emergency or business-related need. The company also states that leave outside the country cannot extend beyond two-weeks.

Smith says the company is completely behind those university students have found themselves barred from re-entry as well. “It would be tragic for a student to be faced with the need to forfeit a dream of completing one’s educatioon in the U.S. to tend to family needs that are completely out of their control.” Click here for a full review of the company’s appeal.

More solutions are welcome

Microsoft Corporation states that is understands its proposal is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. The firm hopes to get a powerful dialog going between the new administration and the people. It also welcomes people to expand on its proposals. The Trump administration has summoned some important immigration issues to the fore. However, Microsoft believes that there is a chance for fair and non-discriminative laws to be set up in the broader strive for national security.

MSFT closed down at $61.17 on Thursday, although shares sat slightly in the green during Friday’s pre-market trading.

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