Microsoft’s Surface Phone: The Perfect Productivity Hub for Professionals

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Microsoft Corporation rumored Surface Phone is still a tech fixation and the firm has not confirmed or denied rumors about the existence of the phone. However, recent news in the tech industry suggests that the myth of the Surface Phone might be true. The firm has scheduled a major Windows 10 event for Oct 26 and rumors are out that the Surface Phone will have an honorable mention during the event. More interesting is the news breaking out about how Continuum mode will be an integral part of the Surface Phone.

The firm’s mobile push already lags behind major rivals in the smartphone market. Its ill fated Nokia purchase, practically dead Lumia phones, and Windows Mobile OS sits at a distant third behind Apple’s iOS and iPhone and devices running Google’s Android OS. However, people are expecting the arrival of the rumored Surface Phone to alter the balance in the global smartphone market.

Microsoft MSFT surface phone VS Apple iPhone 7

The Microsoft Surface Phone is all about productivity

The available clues on the Surface Phone suggest that Microsoft wants to make the Surface Phone a productivity hub for professionals. The Windows 10 Redstone 2 update coming out next spring is one of the factors delaying the unveiling of the Surface Phone. However, the known features built into the Redstone 2 updates provides insight into how the Surface Phone would be a productivity suite.

Zac Bowden of Windows Central claims that sources within Microsoft have revealed that the Redstone 2 update will feature the ability to sync work between a PC and phone. If the Surface Phone debuts with Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 2 update, you can expect it to sport the “Continue App Experiences” feature that will make it easy to sync  app-states from your Surface Phone to your PC.

The continuum feature called “Pickup where I left off” or “Flow” internally will allow you to migrate your apps from the Surface Phone to continue at that very point on a PC. Zac says, “other internal documents appear to suggest the company is also looking at making the same feature be able to restore an entire workspace, all with the tap of a button. Cortana will be able to contextually sync files, tabs, apps and more between devices.

Continuum is already central to Acer Liquid Jade

Interestingly, Microsoft is already testing out the “Continue App Experiences” feature with Windows 10 devices made by other OEMs such as HP Elite X3. Acer’s Liquid Jade smartphone is available on Microsoft Store and one of its key selling points is transform into a full PC experience. The firm says “no job is too big for the productive Jade Primo… The Jade Primo has what you need for a busy workday, including a display dock, keyboard, and mouse. Use the dock to project your phone to any screen, and hook up the mouse and keyboard for a complete PC feel.”

Microsoft Corporation’s main problem with Windows Mobile strategy is that it came late to the market; hence, it has a chicken and egg problem. On the one part, people are not buying Windows phones because it lacks the popular apps on iOS and Android. On the other hand, developers are not building apps for Windows mobile because its few number of users doesn’t justify the effort.

Hence, Microsoft must position the Surface Phone with a compelling value proposition that could encourage people to switch from iOS and Android to Windows 10 Mobile. At the very least, Microsoft would try to make the Surface Phone compelling enough to be a second phone that serves an important function in daily use.

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