Microsoft Corporation Plans? iPad Covers And BBC Streaming Are Next

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)

Microsoft Corporation has its hands in some exciting experiments. Two major news points came to the fore this week. The first sees the company jumping into bed with the BBC.

If news sources are correct, then the makers of Windows have plans to add an intelligent twist to the UK’s popular TV streaming service.

At the same time, Microsoft is keen on producing its own accessories for Apple products, it seems. Reports cite documents that suggests an iPad keyboard cover is currently in the works.

The state-owned broadcasting service in the UK, the BBC, has teamed up with Microsoft Corporation. The two entities are experimenting with a new variant of the country’s popular iPlayer. The service sees growing demand in the country. Now Microsoft wishes to add its own expertise, providing smarter, on-demand TV content with the help of the BBC. But get this, the new service will suggest TV shows based on your voice.

microsoft-surface pro

Microsoft adds voice prints to iPlayer

Microsoft is adding a little intelligence to TV streaming. The version of iPlayer it is working on will allow for voice recognition. The scenarios for its use are simple enough. By identifying who is in the room, the service can suggest appropriate content.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, explains the BBC’s chief of digital partnerships. Adding voice recognition technology to iPlayer has a host of other benefits too. For instance, voiceprints can be used to suggest your favourite TV shows or episodes of that show you have not seen.

So, you’re watching a particular program on your laptop while at work, during your lunch break, of course. When you get home, you are likely to want continue from where you left off. Your voice assistant can help simplify that process for you. By identifying you as soon as you get in front of the TV, it can help suggest content that you might enjoy based on your viewing history or pick up from where you left off with a program you were watching.

There is a host of other possibilities too for voice-activated iPlayer. However, it is merely an experiment for now. How beneficial is a “Siri” for your TV? Well, that is yet to be seen.

Microsoft Corporation want to make iPad covers

Speaking of Siri, Microsoft Corporation seems to be branching a bit into Apple Inc territory too. Now, users might not be inclined to get a Surface tab if they’re already in possession of an iPad. However, that doesn’t stop the Windows giant from producing its own take on good iPad accessories. Wednesday sees news of exactly that coming to light.

Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPad Pro

If sources are correct, Microsoft is looking to make an iPad keyboard cover. The news comes from WinFuture, an avid follower of all things Microsoft. The news outlet spotted a document which mentions an iPad Touch cover in the works.

There is a great lack on information regarding the cover though. However, the name ties in nicely with the old Surface Touch Covers, now discontinued. Add the mention of it being enabled via Bluetooth and the timing of the document, and you get experts claiming it’s a iPad cover.

It is a bit odd that the makers of the Surface range would produce iPad covers. On the other hand, what better way to give iPad users a taste of the innovation they are missing out on than to produce great accessories for their gadgets. There is the fact that the iPad is still pretty much the king of the tablets and great seller too. Reaching in could be a good way to boost sales too, so it’s a double win for Microsoft Corporation .

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