Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Windows 10 Sets the Pace for Apple

Microsoft Corporation Windows 10 slows down

Microsoft Corporation is on track to launch its new operating system, the Windows 10 today and things are already shaping up to position Windows 10 as a game changer for Microsoft.

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Microsoft had been plagued with the curse of a giant that was too big to change with the times and the stock was heading the way of the dinosaurs until Satya Nadella came on board. This piece shows 3 things about the Windows 10 that sets the pace for Apple while showing that Microsoft has repositioned itself as an innovative player in the tech space.

Continuum Mode for Desktop and Tablet

Windows 10 carries a Continuum Mode that adapts to the kind of device you are using. The Continuum mode makes it easy to enjoy all the features of the OS on desktops and tablets. The absence of the continuum mode in Windows 8 was one of its major problems because users without touchscreens found it difficult to swipe with a mouse and users with touchscreens found some menus to be too small for their fingers.

The Continuum mode makes the use of 2-in-1 tablet PCs such as Microsoft’s Surface lines more appealing. Apple has been the king behind innovation, but Microsoft has definitely set the pace here. Apple users still need to carry a MacBook and an iPad for desktop and tablet use.

Cortana on Desktop, More Personalized

Apple’s Siri was the de-facto top digital assistant and Microsoft’s Cortana was still seen as a younger sister to Siri. However, Cortana will likely overtake Siri now because of the latest improvements packed into its Windows 10 version. To start with, Siri is only available on iPhone and iPad, but Cortana will be on desktops and laptops that are powered by Windows 10.

Cortana is also more personalized that Siri in that it isn’t just there for you to carry on a conversation. Cortana can manage your schedule, give weather updates, and give you sport scores among other things. Hence, the true power of a digital assistance will be available through Cortana for people who spend massive time on their PCs.

Massive Migration to Windows 10 is to be Expected

This Statista link shows the market share held by the leading computer OS worldwide from January 2012 to March 2015. As at September 2014, Windows 7 held 49.64% of global computer OS. Windows XP held the second position with a 12.81% market share. Apple’s Mac OS X held the third position with 8.27% market share.

The interesting point is that Microsoft’s Windows 7 and Windows XP have other Microsoft OS ahead of them. Hence, it is obvious that Microsoft users still stick with older OS even after the release of new ones.

With Windows 10, the upgrade is easy and free for all Microsoft users; hence, there should be a wider adoption. Another fact that will encourage faster adoption of the Windows 10 is that the retail version of the home edition will start selling for $119 after one year if you don’t upgrade now.

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