Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Windows 10 is Murdering PCs

Microsoft Corporation Windows 10 launch bugs

Microsoft Corporation  Windows users are prone to damaging side effects when they try to upgrade their PC to Windows 10. The update makes some PCs become unusable.

Microsoft Corporation Windows 10 launch bugs

It’s not likely that Microsoft will claim that this is a feature and not a bug.

“Missing Operating System”

Some Microsoft Windows users looked forward to upgrading their machines to the latest and greatest version of the world’s most used OS. They followed the guide to download and install Windows 10, hoping to keep themselves on the leading edge of tech.

Instead, they got this message: “Missing Operating System.”

Some users also said that their hard drives were wiped after they tried the upgrade. Hopefully, they backed up their systems beforehand.

A Tale of One Techie

Randall Keith of SiliconBeat said that he noticed the problem when he was trying to upgrade his laptop, which was running Windows 7. He was prompted to move to the later version and used Microsoft’s program to go through the process.

He got the “black screen of death” and the “Missing OS” message instead of Windows 10.

Keith took his laptop to a local Microsoft  Store hoping to fix the situation. He was given two options:

  • Send the PC away in an attempt to recover the files off of the hard drive
  • Go with a clean install of Windows 10

Keith opted for the latter. That’s when he hit a second hurdle.

Microsoft ceased to recognize that he had a license to use Windows. This was because the original operating system was now “missing.” So, even after the install of Windows 10, Keith was not able to use online Microsoft services, such as OneDrive.

Misery Loves Company

Sadly, Keith’s plight is not unique. There is a Microsoft forum page entirely devoted to this bug. Dozens of people have reported seeing it.

On Windows 10 Forums, an entire thread is devoted to this topic that also relates similar tale of woe from dozens of users.

One user, identified as “jhuck5” wrote: “Upgrade was going very, very well, and after the installer got to around 89 percent, the computer rebooted. During the reboot, the BIOS screen appears with a black screen and ‘Missing Operating System.’”

Talking Points

A rep from Microsoft  has declined to reveal how many people were hit with the same bug. The only consolation offered was that people who have the problem should contact Microsoft’s support arm.

“While the vast majority of our customers will be able to seamlessly upgrade, some app or device incompatibilities may exist and will decrease over time,” the rep said.

Over the past two decades, Microsoft has had trouble with its major updates but, thankfully, the firm seems to have gotten back into the groove of things with its recent releases. Apart from this hiccup, Windows 10 marks a milestone in a change of direction for a firm that has built a $170B empire by selling software.

Microsoft’s New Data Goldmine

Microsoft offered the Windows 10 upgrade for free to explicitly make money off of Internet services, personalized ads, apps and games that run on it. Windows 10 will collect data through Cortana, the new Edge browser, Microsoft  login accounts, Windows phone as well as your computer’s unique ID, location, microphone, camera and even personal habits such as typing styles.

Microsoft’s recent $100M share purchase in Uber also means that they will have data on their users’ most traveled routes, the places they visit and what they do along the way. The firm is trying  to open a game-changing sales path with advertisers through their new data goldmine.

Microsoft released Windows 10 just last week.

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