Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Windows 10 is a Classic Example of Self-Sabotage

Microsoft Corporation Windows 10 slows down

Microsoft Corporation is recording rave reviews for its Windows 10 but it seems that the firm isn’t getting the OS out to users as quick as one would expect. Microsoft has reported that it has gotten the Windows 10 out to 14 million users in just two days after the OS was released. 14 million new users in two days is an impressive achievement and it sure beats the dismal numbers reported when the ill-fated Windows 8 was launched.

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Nonetheless, 14 million users might be nothing more than a mere footstep in the direction of 1 billion users that Microsoft wants to bring to Windows 10 in three years. Microsoft’s Windows OS controls a large chunk of the operating system market for desktops and laptops in the U.S. and globally. The firm needs to get Windows 10 to as many users as it can within the shortest possible time before the buzz surrounding Windows 10 dies down.

How Soon Will Users on Old OS Migrate to Windows 10?

As at March 2015, Microsoft’s Windows OS has a combined 78.77% of the market share for computer OS globally. Windows 8.1 has 14.09%, Windows 8 has 3.62%, Windows 7 has 48.74%, Windows Vista has 2.14% and Windows XP has an incredible 10.18% of the market share.

The fact that Windows XP (5 generations old) still holds 10.18% while the oldest Window 8.1 has 14.09% suggests that Windows users are not keen to ditch old operating systems for newer versions.

In essence, Microsoft  will have to work very hard to get users to embrace Windows 10. The factors in support of a Windows 10 upgrade speaks for itself. Windows 10 has gotten mostly positive reviews and people might be inclined to trust it better than Windows 8.

In fact, Windows 10 has the potential to help Microsoft reposition itself in the search business as it boosts a revamped search model that rivals Google’s search system. More so, the universal apps feature on Windows 10 and the Continuum mode suggests that this OS might help Microsoft inject some life into its dying smartphone business.

Microsoft’s Self-Sabotage

However, Microsoft might be unwittingly sabotaging its own efforts with the slow rollout of Windows 10 to users. The firm says it is releasing Windows 10 in waves in a bid to ensure smooth download for users. In addition, Microsoft says it has not delivered Windows 10 to everyone that requested a free upgrade to older versions of Windows.

Microsoft’s self-sabotage seems to be confirming analyst pessimism that Windows 10 might hurt Microsoft and its investors. For instance, Heather Bellini of Goldman Sachs says that Windows will get in the way of growth at Microsoft rather than improve it. She thinks her clients should Sell their shares in the firm.

Another analyst Gartner analyst Ranjit Atwal, in a recent report on the PC market, says “The release of Windows 10 on 29th July will contribute to a slowing professional demand for mobile PCs and premium ultramobiles in 2015, as lifetimes extend by three months.”

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