Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Shows Off Hot New Devices at Windows 10 Event

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Band

Microsoft Corporation let a range of its newest products take center stage on Tuesday. The tech giant dazzled its New York audience with the unveiling of its latest Lumia, Surface Pro and Band, all of which run Microsoft’s flagship Windows 10 operating system. Pitching on all fronts, the Redmond-based entity’s plans for their flagship OS will not leave out the upcoming Xbox One either.

“The event was solid and showed that Microsoft has stepped up its game on the consumer device front,” said Daniel Ives of FBR Capital Markets. “Now the question is will consumers buy the products.”

Microsoft’s agenda in regards to Windows 10 has been made clear. The company is vying to push the OS on every possible platform. However, with less than a 3 percent stake in the handset market, the entity needs to firmly push its hardware in order to make a name for itself. After the revelations made in New York this week, it is clear that Microsoft should be taken very seriously.

Surface Pro 4 Sets New Standard

Tuesday saw a very appealing all-new Surface Pro 4 being showcased during Microsoft’s October event. Though rivals have recently introduced a range of similar devices, the Surface Pro 4 still manages to stand out. This is because, unlike Apple’s   iPad Pro and Google’s   Pixel C – devices made purely to compete with the popular Surface Pro series – Microsoft has years of experience to build on. Whereas the likes of Apple are still testing the waters, the Surface Pro owns a dominant foothold in the growing tablet-laptop hybrid department.

The Surface Pro 4 is thinner, lighter and more powerful than any of its predecessors. It runs on Intel’s efficient Skyline processor and flaunts Windows 10 on its large display. It is the biggest of it range to-date. Its increased size suits well to accommodate for both the laptop and tablet market.

“This challenge of the tablet and the laptop… which do you buy?” the firm’s Panos Pinoy poses this question at its unveiling. “Remember that problem? It’s gone.”

With a long list of new features that set the device apart, Microsoft is clearly not competing with other tablets. The firm’s Cortana is instilled inside the device. It was revealed along with accessories like the new Surface Pen, and its .3 of an inch increase keeps the device compatible with older add-ons as well.

Microsoft knew it could set the standard and appears as though it has. The Surface Pro 4 ventures into its own sphere, laying a trend to follow with its computer-fast efficiency and tablet-like convenience.

The Pro 4 comes out on October 26th. Pre-orders are now open from $899.

Microsoft Unveils New Lumia Devices

Three new phones were unveiled in New York this week – the Lumia 950, 950XL and 550. The smartphones will be available to purchase later this year. Analysts have predicted modest sales. Microsoft smartphones are yet to make a name for themselves. The Lumia 950 features a 5.2-inch display and runs a hexacore chip while the 950XL has a bigger 5.7-inch screen with octacore. No details have been released on the 550. The 950 and 950XL come with liquid cooling, up to 32 Gigs of storage, and a 20 megapixels crammed into the rear camera.

The devices will run the Windows 10 Mobile OS. They will serve as 10’s official debut on a mobile platform.

Microsoft feels that windows 10 will finally vault the firm into relevance within the smartphone sector, Ive comments.

Despite impressive specs though, analysts have commented saying the Lumia devices might not yield good sales. The 950 and XL cost $549 and $649 respectively. The 550 will be around $140 when it comes out in December.

Windows 10 and Fitness

On to fitness. Microsoft also showcased its newest fitness band this week, the Microsoft Band 2. The wearable device allows users to monitor their fitness and exercises. Microsoft’s first Band came a year earlier and has produced fair results as far wearables go. The new Band will up its predecessor with a curved Corning Gorilla glass 3 display. It, too, advances the Windows 10 agenda.

Windows 10 Brings New Features to Xbox One

The Xbox One will be upgrading to Windows 10 when it comes out later this year.  It is set for release in November. The new OS upgrade brings compatibility that will allow Xbox fanatics to play their 360 games on the One console. The firm has dubbed this feature as Xbox One’s Backwards compatibility. The announcement shows great promise in furthering the reach of Windows 10.


Microsoft holds a formidable user base of video gamers. Appealing to this crowd could be one of the firm’s best moves it the establishment of Windows 10.

“Xbox One is going to bring some serious fun this holiday,” assures Microsoft’s Terry Myerson.

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